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Why Training Matters

It’s no secret that the biggest cost for any cleaning organization is labor. Cracking the code on labor can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Proper training is the key to cracking that code. Whether you are an in-house cleaning organization or a contract cleaner investing in janitorial training for your staff can help set your organization apart.

Training can be used to help you get the most out of your labor investment through 3 main areas:


Training signals to the employee that the employer values them by setting them up for success at work. People take pride in knowing they are doing a good job, and training them on the proper procedures demonstrates what a quality job looks like.


Training focuses on more efficient processes, creating more proficient employees that all clean in the same way—every time—and do more during a shift.


Do-overs aren’t free, and if not closely managed, quality issues can snowball into bigger issues. A consistent process helps avoid mistakes and makes it easier to identify and correct them when they do occur.

Why choose the EBP Training Academy?

The EBP Training Academy is set in 3 dedicated facilities, located in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The Training Academy offers a variety of courses for every member of your staff, from entry-level cleaner to supervisors and directors.

Built specifically to showcase procedures and techniques for your cleaning and janitorial teams, the EBP Training Academy also features instruction from EBP’s own industry experts, all of whom are ISSA-certified.

The EBP Training Academy is not about using a specific brand—it is about using the right cleaning products and procedures to make sure customer complaints are addressed the first time. EBP encourages trainees to bring in issues they see in the workplace so that they can then leave knowing they are prepared to address them.

Certified Trainers
EBP Trainers not only have years of industry experience, but they are also certified by ISSA so you know they are as committed as you are to delivering cleaning expertise.

EBP Training Academy offers students the opportunity to interact with the latest industry innovations in a real-world environment.

Hands On
In-class lessons are reinforced with hands-on activities that feature the latest cleaning chemicals, equipment, and supplies.

The EBP Training Academy offers a variety of programs designed for everyone, from supervisors & directors to front line workers.

The EBP Training Academy vs. On-The-Job Training

While on-the-job training is often essential, having your team learn in the dedicated EBP Training Academy facilities provides value that is otherwise unattainable on-the-job.

The Most Current Procedures

All too often, service procedures are done the way they’ve “always” been done. The EBP Training Academy addresses outdated practices to offer your team the most efficient and current industry standards.

Non-Threatening (Distraction Free) Environment

While on the job, employees may be reluctant to ask questions. The EBP Training Academy offers an open & interactive environment to comfortably learn.

Latest equipment and product innovations

The EBP Training Academy uses an agnostic approach to chemicals and equipment. This gives your employees the chance to test latest products and programs before integrating them into your procedures.

Get Your Operation in Top-Shape

If you’d like to get your team hands-on training to get your operation in top-shape, turn to the EBP Training Academy.