Covering 12 states, from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic.

Ensuring Your Deliveries Arrive Dependably

Simply put, EBP brings you a combination of products, services and insight that few others have. Growing your business and helping you be more successful requires both a clear understanding of your needs and the ability to deliver.

In order to be your single source for cleaning supplies, paper products, food packaging supplies, and equipment, EBP features a deep team of Specialists. Our Team is at your service, ensuring you have the best solutions for your needs, wants and budget, while understanding the complexities of delivering in your area. 

Covering 12 states, from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic, EBP's fleet makes sure the deliveries that you count on arrive dependably - on spec, on time and on budget.  




EBP has been making deliveries throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states for over 100 years. 

We have a deep knowledge of regional logistics and delivery challenges that may exist in your area.




EBP has three distribution centers located in the right places to make dependable deliveries.

With locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey, we utilize over 400,000 square feet of warehouse space to deliver over 6 million cases of products a year to our customers.




EBP has over 65 trucks & trailers on the road making deliveries each work day. 

Our fleet travels over 2.5 million miles a year throughout our 12 state service area, delivering to our customers from Maine to Virginia.

Talk to us.

The best way to understand what makes EBP different is to see it for yourself. We've worked with businesses in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for over 100 years, so we understand many of your challenges and know how to help.
Talk to us about your situation. We'll listen and help you design the most effective solutions for your business.