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Optimize your janitorial & cleaning operations.

Industry-Certified Training Courses

Training is directly correlated with improving your facility's quality of clean, lowering costs and reducing employee turnover. EBP's courses enable you to optimize your janitorial and cleaning operations.

EBP is partnered with ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) to bring the industry’s top third-party cleaning education and certification to your employees. We actively seek the latest innovations in the janitorial and foodservice industry to provide you with the most up-to-date expertise and training, allowing you to achieve maximum efficiency within your operations.

Utilizing EBP training facilities, every member of your staff, from front-line workers to supervisors, will get hands-on experience and expertise from a number of training courses taught by EBP's CMI® certified trainers. Hands-on courses will guide your team through key concepts, effective cleaning procedures, and an overview of the latest equipment, materials, and supplies.

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“Everything was very valuable to me. I really thought I knew it all until Glenn Rasin proved to me otherwise.”

Daniel F.
Area Manager - Regional Commercial Cleaner



EBP educates your team on the proper cleaning techniques so they are empowered to work more proficiently and consistently. 

Utilizing industry-best practices and the latest equipment and product innovations, employees are able to do more during a shift, increasing productivity while reducing your labor costs.




Standardizing the cleaning processes used throughout your facility reduces the amount of mistakes and reoccurring issues your team experiences as a result of inconsistent or incorrect cleaning practices.

Training provides employees with industry-best cleaning processes, giving them a standard to adhere to and eliminating guesswork and process ambiguity. 

EBP Training Academy is not about using a specific brand but about using the right cleaning products and procedures to make sure issues are addressed correctly the first time.  



Set your employees up for success by giving them the knowledge to succeed. 

People take pride in knowing they are doing a good job, and training them on the proper procedures demonstrates what a quality job looks like. 

Employees view training as an investment in them, empowering them to be experts in the field, increasing their job satisfaction and lowering your employee turnover.    

Let EBP Help You Shine

The EBP Training Academy has three dedicated Training Centers located in Milford, Connecticut, Tewksbury, Massachusetts and Burlington, New Jersey.

Courses we offer include: Certified Custodial Technician Training with CMI® Certification, Hard Floor Care Maintenance Workshops, Carpeted Floor Care Maintenance Workshops and more.

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