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Capitalize On Recent Trends

The prevalence of third-party delivery services, like Uber Eats and DoorDash, along with consumer expectations for more sustainable options continue to increase. EBP can help equip your business with the right foodservice packaging options to capitalize on these trends. 

Yes, EBP delivers the foodservice packaging and cleaning supplies your operation needs, but we realize that helping you significantly impact your bottom line requires going beyond the box.

With online review sites like Yelp, Google and OpenTable, it is even more important to ensure your patrons have a positive, consistent and memorable dining experience, even when they dine away.  

At EBP, we know it’s not just about the products we deliver. It’s about how those products are utilized within your organization to get the desired results that give you a competitive advantage.

To gain that advantage, we work with food purveyors, like yours, to find ways to help enhance your reputation and grow. We do that in a variety of ways. Below are three examples:



We know you spend hours perfecting your recipes and getting your meals to the exact flavor profile desired. EBP helps ensure your hard work pays off with higher food sales and repeat business, by making sure your dishes are presented in an appealing and appetizing way. 

With the growth of takeout, catering and meal delivery, your customer’s first impression of your dishes is not always in your control. EBP can help you choose the right packaging solution to help ensure your dish maintains its temperature and appearance during transport and until your customer is ready to eat.  

EBP keeps up with the latest foodservice packaging trends in grab-and-go, takeout, catering and meal delivery to ensure your menu selections are merchandised in the most effective way to make customers happy and boost sales.



The trend for healthy foods and environmentally friendly packaging for those foods can no longer be ignored. Customers expect you to be more green throughout your entire foodservice operation and want to see this first-hand.

Your eco-friendly foodservice program should likely include packaging choices made from various sustainable materials.

EBP offers a wide range of sustainable choices from many of the top foodservice brands in the industry as well as some alternative, newer entrants offering some really innovative options to help you meet the expectations of your customers.

When it comes to eco-friendly food packaging, knowing how to balance variety, appearance, function and cost can be tricky, so let one of our EBP Specialists help guide you.



While many factors ultimately influence the overall customer experience, the importance of keeping your foodservice operation clean cannot be overstated.

A dirty restroom, spotty dishes or an unclean dining area can change an otherwise great dining experience to one worth forgetting. At EBP, we can help you develop a complete cleaning and sanitation program based upon your operation’s needs. Our solutions range from choosing the best restaurant cleaning supplies for your needs to more advanced options like our innovative warewash program that provides spotless wares with one pass.

EBP can help you assess your current cleaning program and suggest possible changes to create a positive first impression.

Let EBP Help You Shine

EBP can help in these areas and in a variety of other ways too; but we always start by listening. We want to understand your current situation, your wants, your needs, your budget and your goals. We take that information and develop a customized program that will best meet your expectations.

Regardless of the type of foodservice operation you manage, EBP’s dedicated team of Specialists can help you shine.    

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