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Leave patrons with a positive, memorable experience.

Make Sure Your Patrons Keep Coming Back

Success in the recreation and leisure industry is dependent on providing your patrons with a positive and memorable experience. It’s the key to repeat visits.

Yes, EBP delivers the cleaning and foodservice supplies your operation needs, but we realize that helping you increase traffic to your events and significantly impacting your bottom line requires going beyond the box. We know it’s not just about the products we deliver. It’s about how those products are utilized within your organization in order to get the desired results and help you be the destination of choice.

As you look for ways to meet the ever increasing expectations of guests, EBP is here to help make sure they want to return again and again by helping in a variety of ways. Below are three examples:



With guests demanding a larger variety of program choices and asking for expanded hours of operation to enjoy them, it creates greater challenges for you to do more with the same – or sometimes less.

While staffing shortages, aging facilities and the challenges of offering more choices to your patrons is a reality, it is important to not let this affect the appearance and cleanliness of your facilities and grounds. Ensuring common areas, bath and locker rooms, food concessions, and dining areas are clean is one of the biggest influencers of a positive guest experience. 

For food concessions and dining areas, EBP continually refreshes its foodservice packaging program to keep up with the latest trends to both meet your needs and help boost sales by more effectively merchandising your menu choices.

At EBP, we can help you develop a complete cleaning & sanitation program and foodservice packaging program based upon your facility’s unique needs.



Patrons are expecting places they visit and support to be environmentally conscious and to be able to back-up their claims with details. We expect this trend to continue and gain momentum for many years to come.

Knowing what steps should be taken to develop and implement a good, practical sustainability program, or expand an existing one, can be tough to figure out sometimes.

Whether your eco-friendly goals are for an improved cleaning program for your entire facility, a new line-up of disposable foodservice supplies for your concessions area, or both, EBP’s team of trained Specialists can help assess your current situation and develop a plan to help your organization become more eco-friendly based on your goals and budget.



Preventing norovirus, staph and other dangerous outbreaks at your facilities is critical to protect your patrons and business from harm. An outbreak increases the risk of liability for your business, creates a PR nightmare and requires temporarily shutting down the affected areas of your facility to remove the virus.

Ensuring your staff is properly trained and follows the necessary cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection protocols is critical to prevent germs and virus outbreaks. EBP can develop a cleaning and food handling program that can help you proactively protect your business against these types of risks.

EBP’s training programs can teach your staff how to effectively clean and also heighten awareness about why it’s important, so they are more conscientious and consistently follow protocols, even when they are working independently.

Let EBP Help You Shine

EBP can help in these areas and in a variety of other ways too; but we always start by listening. We want to understand your current situation, your wants, your needs, your budget and your goals. We take that information and develop a customized program that will best meet your expectations.

Regardless of the type of entertainment option you offer or size of your facility and grounds, EBP’s dedicated team of Specialists can help you shine.    

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