Boost Your Food & Beverage Sales

Find new ways to improve your bottom line results.

Capitalize On Recent Food Trends

Prepared meals and to-go food sales for grocery and retail are booming, and EBP can help your business take advantage of this trend. 

Yes, EBP delivers the foodservice packaging supplies your facility needs, but we realize that helping you significantly impact your bottom line requires going beyond the box. We know it’s not just about the products we deliver. It’s about how those products are utilized within your organization to get the desired results that give you a competitive advantage.

To gain that advantage, we work with stores, like yours, in the grocery and retail food industry to find ways to help improve your bottom line results. We do that in a variety of ways. Below are three examples:



We know you spend hours perfecting your recipes and getting your take home meals to the exact flavor profile desired. EBP helps ensure your hard work pays off with higher food sales by making sure your dishes are presented in an appealing and appetizing way. 

Shoppers buy with their eyes, so whether it’s a prepackaged food choice, a favorite beverage or items from your self-serve food bars, EBP has the food packaging supplies to meet the expectations of your hungry shoppers. EBP keeps up with the latest trends in both grab-and-go and takeout packaging to ensure your food and beverage selection is merchandised in the most effective way to boost sales.



The demand for eco-friendly food packaging options is being driven by both local ordinances and shopper preferences.  Making good choices on what green foodservice product options your store provides means balancing performance, look and price.

EBP offers a wide range of sustainable choices and can customize a program to meet your unique needs and goals. We offer selections from many of the top foodservice brands in the industry as well as some alternative, newer entrants offering some really innovative options.  

Your green foodservice program should likely include a variety of packaging choices made from different sustainable materials. Some options are more cost-effective than others and some perform differently. Knowing how to balance variety, appearance, function and cost can be tricky, so let one of our EBP Specialists help guide you.



Choosing the correct food packaging option, even if it happens to be a more expensive choice, can improve the profitability of your prepared foods and grab-and-go operations.

Upgrading to a new, innovative foodservice packaging choice can help control costs in a variety of ways. Some can extend the shelf life of your food selections to lengthen the sales window and reduce shrinkage. Others can help streamline your food preparation process or require less space in your food kitchens. 

Let EBP help you find ways to consolidate your product bundle, reduce your inventory and improve your ordering and receiving processes so costs can be taken out of your supply chain. 

Let EBP Help You Shine

EBP can help in these areas and in a variety of other ways too; but we always start by listening. We want to understand your current situation, your wants, your needs, your budget and your goals. We take that information and develop a customized program that will best meet your expectations.

Regardless of the type of food choices your store offers your shoppers, EBP’s dedicated team of Specialists can help you shine.    

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