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Protect your brand & reputation as a safe, high-quality food manufacturer.

Consistently Maintain A Clean, Safe Facility

EBP understands that in today’s world of social media and 24/7 news cycles, one recall or outbreak can cripple your business.  We understand that consistently providing a safe, high-quality product is your top priority, but we know that consistently maintaining a clean, safe environment within your facility is always challenging.  

We deliver the cleaning and sanitation supplies your food processing facility needs, but we realize that helping you significantly impact your bottom line requires going beyond the box. At EBP, we know it’s not just about the products we deliver. It’s about having the right products and how those products are utilized within your operation by your workers to get the desired results to help protect your business from a reputation-harming event.

To defend against a harmful occurrence, we work with food processors, like yours, to find ways to help protect their brand integrity and reputation as a safe, high-quality food manufacturer. We do that in a variety of ways. Below are three examples:



While many factors ultimately influence overall compliance with your HACCP plan, the importance of an up-to-date, documented cleaning and sanitation program cannot be overstated for a food processing facility.

Cleaning must extend beyond the things that can be seen. Disinfecting or sanitizing to kill microorganisms is critical, and it is important that every piece of equipment and every area within your facility has a specific sanitation plan that can be enacted in a timely manner.

At EBP, we can help you identify risks, select the most appropriate cleaning chemicals and develop a complete cleaning and sanitation program that is effective, affordable and simple, so your front-line employees can execute the plan.



Today, media coverage about E. coli, Listeria and other infectious outbreaks are more prevalent and people are more aware of the risks. Breakdowns in your cleaning and sanitation program can lead to these infectious outbreaks as well as contaminated food, foreign material complaints and other serious problems that can harm your brand and reputation.

At EBP, we pay particular attention to highly vulnerable areas of your food processing facility, where breakdowns in cleaning protocols are common and can have dire results. We will work with your team to develop Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) that outline what is to be cleaned, how, how often and what records are used to monitor the procedures.



The best designed cleaning and sanitation program will not work unless your employees are executing it correctly and consistently.

One of the barriers to the proper execution of the cleaning and sanitation plan is a lack of effective training. A good training program should provide employees with a clear understanding of not only how to clean but why it is important. EBP can help you develop a practical training program to better ensure your SSOPs are consistently carried out. 

At EBP, we understand that on-site service and support are important to a food processing facility like yours. An accurate ppm ratio is critical to making sure the sanitizing or disinfecting that you think is happening is actually happening. We have a team of technicians that make regular calls to ensure the automated dispensing systems we service are calibrated and operating optimally, to both ensure effectiveness and control costs.

Let EBP Help You Shine

EBP can help in these areas and in a variety of other ways too; but we always start by listening. We want to understand your current situation, your wants, your needs, your budget and your goals. We take that information and develop a customized program that will best meet your expectations. 

Regardless of the type of food processing facility you manage, EBP’s dedicated team of Specialists can help you shine.    

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