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Control Costs & Gain An Advantage

EBP understands that building service contractors are under extreme pressure to control costs in order to remain competitive. We work with commercial cleaning businesses, like yours, to optimize your cleaning operations and help control truly impactful costs that allow you to gain an advantage over your competition.

Yes, EBP delivers the commercial cleaning supplies that you need, but significantly impacting the bottom line of your business requires going beyond the box.

At EBP, we know that it’s not just about the products. It’s about how your cleaning crews use those products in order to ensure you get the desired results for your accounts. It’s about ensuring that your employees are confident and satisfied with their jobs so they stay with your company; and it’s also about helping you develop new services to promote as special project work that can offer greater account loyalty and boost profitability.

We work with commercial cleaning contractors, like yours, to combat decreasing profit margins by helping increase customer satisfaction, reduce reworks and lower operating costs.We do that in a variety of ways. Below are three examples:



The biggest expense for a commercial cleaner is wages. Controlling this variable cost can have a huge impact on your business, and it’s more important than ever to get more productivity from your cleaning crews.

Productivity enhancements are driven by consistently executing the best processes and procedures as well as avoiding costly reworks and the customer complaints that prompt them. Productivity is also impacted by leveraging the latest innovations, technology and automation to reduce your labor costs for routine tasks. EBP can help you develop programs to improve your productivity rates so you can do more with the same staff. 

Let EBP help you navigate the wide array of available choices and develop the best cleaning program to optimize your cleaning operations.



According to BSCAI, employee turnover in the commercial cleaning industry is as high as 200% a year. Finding ways to keep employees on staff longer can give your business an edge by providing a more consistent level of service.

Since most cleaning companies offer similar wages, employees typically leave for reasons other than money. One of the reasons is the work environment, so creating a supportive, productive, and positive culture is essential to keeping good employees.

EBP offers industry-certified training programs to help create that culture. Our training programs allow your supervisors and front line staff to understand the importance of their roles. They teach how to safely and effectively use the products within your cleaning program to do a better, more consistent job.

When using training as a pathway to advancement within your company, EBP can help you put your employees in a place to be more confident, motivated and satisfied with their jobs so they stay with your company for years and not just weeks or months.



With declining margins for traditional cleaning services, doing special cleaning project work or tag jobs is important to help boost profitability.

While there are a lot of project work options available for contract cleaners to add, some require special licensing and certifications that make start-up time-consuming and costly. At EBP, we focus on the project work options that are more turn-key and easier to get up-and-running utilizing your current staff.

EBP works with top manufacturers to offer the latest innovations in product, equipment and technology. If you are looking for new, higher profit revenue streams for your commercial cleaning business, let EBP help you identify and create new special project programs that respond to new opportunities available in the market.

Let EBP Help You Shine

EBP can help in these areas and in a variety of other ways too; but we always start by listening. We want to understand your current situation, your wants, your needs, your budget and your goals. We take that information and develop a customized program that will best meet your expectations.

Regardless of the type of cleaning services your company offers today, EBP’s dedicated team of Specialists can help you shine.

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