Equipment Financing

Get the new equipment you need today and pay for it over time

You can’t afford to wait for new equipment. Now you don’t have to.

No matter the size of your business, effectively managing cash flow is crucial to your success.

With equipment financing through Marlin Capital Solutions, you can get the new equipment you need with a payment plan that fits your budget—without tapping into your business capital.

Since 1997, Marlin has partnered with more than 25,000 dealers, manufacturers and distributors and over 400,000 small businesses to provide customized financing solutions.

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  • 100% Financing – Unlike some loan programs, you can finance 100% of your equipment needs (minimum financing amount $1,000) and up to 30% of the total financing can be soft cost*.
  • Flexibility – As your business grows and your needs change, you will be able to upgrade equipment at any point during the financing term.
  • Tax Benefits – You may qualify to take advantage of generous IRS tax savings and realize savings that are greater than what you pay in the first year of your contract.
  • Fast Processing – Most applications are processed within 2 hours.
  • Flexible Terms – Marlin offers flexible terms that can fit your needs.
  • Frees up Lines of Credit – Save your bank lines of credit for other emergencies.

*Soft cost is cost associated with setup of equipment, e.g delivery, installation, support items, etc...

  • Improved Cash Flow –With no hefty down payments and affordable monthly payments, you can keep your cash flow going.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments – More accurately forecast spending.



  1. Shop – Shop online or in-person to find the equipment you need for your business
  2. Apply – Click “APPLY TODAY” on this page to complete a simple online credit application*
  3. Sign - Once approved, sign the finance agreement
  4. Receive – Receive your brand-new equipment
  5. Pay – Make affordable monthly payments

*Marlin’s financing options are available to commercial customers located in the United States.

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