Cold & Flu Prevention

Stop the spread of illness

EBP is committed to partner with your organization to create a germ free environment. Stop the spread of germs and infection this season with these helpful tips:



Clean and disinfect commonly
touched surfaces


Use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, then throw it away



Cough or sneeze into your elbow when a tissue isn’t available


Wash your hands often




If you are sick, stay home


EBP offers several types of products to help prepare your school or workplace for the cold and flu season.


HAND SANITIZERS – Hand Sanitizers are an integral part of proper hand hygiene, especially when there is not a convenient place to wash your hands with soap and water. They are available in gels, foams and wipes and are used by applying to the hands and rubbing until they are dry. These antibacterial formulas kill germs on hands, stopping the spread of germs to the things we contact on a daily basis. Good hand hygiene is the single most important way to prevent the spreading of germs that causes illnesses.


SURFACE DISINFECTANTS – Surface Disinfectants kill germs on hard and non-porous surfaces, stopping the spread of infection. It is important to understand the proper dwell time (surface to remain wet) to kill the associated germ. For cold and flu viruses it is essential that the high touch areas such as doorknobs, keyboards, phones, railings are disinfected often and properly. Disinfectants come in Ready-To-Use Sprays, Aerosols and Pre-moistened Wipes. Be sure to read the efficacy data on kill claims and dwell times.


AIR AND SOFT SURFACE SANITIZERS – Air sanitizers neutralize the air killing airborne germs and bacteria, while also reducing allergens making is safer for building occupants. Soft Surface Sanitizers can sanitize soft surfaces such as curtains, mattresses and furniture that are contaminated with pathogens that are known to spread illnesses. Soft surfaces can be sanitized in 30 seconds.


Source: International Sanitary Supply Association Website (


Preventing the cold and flu is the best defense for a workplace or school. Developing a customized plan using the below guidelines will ensure the best results.


Develop and display safety guidelines for workers and students who are sick to prevent the spread of illness, including proper techniques for covering coughs and sneezes.


Understand which strains of cold and flu germs react to which disinfectant.


Order enough cleaning and disinfecting supplies to last 6-8 weeks to ensure supplies are adequate if a breakout of illness occurs.


Practice good housekeeping procedures, cleaning surfaces that frequently come into contact (desktops, keyboards and computer mice, doorknobs, drinking fountains, etc.).


Make hand, surface and air sanitizers available to occupants and educate on use and frequency.


Encourage occupants to stay home if they are contagious.