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By: Dan Carr on August 22nd, 2019

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Viper Venom™ Floor Buffer Review: Key Features and Upgrades

Floor buffers are one of the most versatile pieces of janitorial cleaning equipment used to maintain your floors. Selecting the right one for your facility will make sure that you are getting the best results. 

If you’re thinking about investing in a floor buffer, the Viper Venom™, is one of our top rated commercial floor buffers of 2021. The Viper Venom™ offers some key features and upgrades that set it apart from other floor buffers.

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In this article and video, we’ll take a closer look at some of these key features and upgrades.


Viper Venom™ 1715 & 2015 Floor Buffer

The Viper Venom™ is designed to complete medium to heavy daily cleaning procedures. It can also be used to perform multiple hard floor cleaning tasks including cleaning, stripping, and polishing. With the proper pad attachment, it can be used for carpet bonneting and shampooing.

It comes with some standard features that make it one of the top performing buffers of 2021.

Key Features:

17-inch or 20-inch Deck Size

The standard models can be purchased with either a 17 or 20-inch deck. The best size floor buffer will depend on the area you are trying to clean.

PRO TIP: The most common size is a 20-inch deck, but the best size for your facility will depend on the area being cleaned. 20-inch buffers are typically used to complete floor maintenance procedures in open areas. A 17-inch cleaning path is best for smaller, more congested areas where a 20-inch machine will not fit.

Triple Planetary gearbox VN175-3 Part Photo

All-Steel Triple Planetary Gearbox

Triple planetary gearboxes provide the best torque and control.

They balance the power across the gearbox and provide equal power and stability. 

All-steel gearboxes are designed to stand up to the most demanding work while maintaining its useful life. All-steel, triple planetary gearboxes are the best in the industry. 

The full body of the machine is also all-metal for increased durability and added weight.

1.5 hp, 66-Frame Motor

The Venom™ has a 66-frame motor. It is built for heavy-duty usage. The 66-frame motor easily delivers high rotations per minute, increased starting torque (or power to start the machine), and more brush/pad drive power for floor buffers. These motors are durable and long-lasting.

This buffer is powered by a 1.5 horsepower (hp) motor. The higher the horsepower, the more power the buffer will have to rotate the floor pad.

Start and Run Capacitor

This buffer comes standard with a start and run capacitor. A start and run capacitor moderates the amount of amps being drawn from the wall. This is an important feature because it reduces the risk of tripping a circuit when running a powerful machine.

Quiet Operation

The Venom™ operates at 63 decibels (dBA) which is equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation. This buffer is great for day cleaning and will not disturb occupants.

viper floor bfufer pad holder

Built-in Pad Holder

When the Venom™ is not in use, it has a convenient, built-in pad holder for easy storage. Simply disconnect the pad driver and attach it to the holder located on the handle-bar.

PRO TIP: When a floor buffer is not in use, the pad and pad driver should be removed. If the pad is not removed, the machine will rest on the pad causing it to become depressed and uneven. The next time that you go to use the floor buffer, the machine will wobble because of the uneven pad. When you try to perform cleaning procedures with an uneven pad, the pad will not evenly hit the floor, leaving dirt and finish behind.
Adjustable Handles

The adjustable handles ensure excellent operator control while in use. This floor machine also has fingertip controls for simple operation.


The Venom™ is backed by one of the most extensive and hassle-free warranty programs in the business. Manufactured by Nilfisk, they offer a 5-year housing warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor.




This buffer has two important upgrades that help set it apart from other commercial floor buffers.

Base Size Versatility 

While the Viper Venom™ floor buffer is available in two standard sizes, the 17-inch or 20-inch, the 17-inch base can be fitted with additional smaller bases that are either 13 or 15 inches. 

The smaller sizes allow for increased versatility and performance in smaller cleaning areas where the larger machines do not fit.

A 13-inch cleaning path is the smallest available cleaning path for a commercial floor buffer. They are best used in tight or hard to reach areas like bathrooms or stairways.

Dual Speed

The basic Viper Venom™ 17 and 20-inch models are low speed machines, operating at 175 rotations per minute (rpm).

The 20-inch Viper Venom can be purchased in a dual speed model. Dual speed means the buffer has two speed settings. The Viper Venom™ dual speed floor buffer can be operated at 185 rpm or 330 rpm. 

A buffer that is equipped with two rpm speeds is best for facilities that perform a variety of cleaning procedures. The low-speed option is good for performing standard scrubbing procedures. The high-speed option gives this floor buffer the power and speed to quickly strip the floor, saving labor and time. 

Dual speed machines are especially useful in facilities that still spray buff.

Final Thoughts

The Venom™ floor buffer is a great option for facilities who need a heavy-duty machine for daily use. It is also a good option for smaller facilities that may want to be able to exchange the 17-inch base for the 13 or 15-inch base. 

Purchasing the right floor buffer for your facility will lead to better cleaning results, increased worker productivity, and lower labor costs. When comparing the Viper Venom™ to our other recommended floor buffers of 2021, this is the least expensive option. It is important to keep in mind that the least expensive option may not always be the best option.   

EBP has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program.

If you do think it might be the right option for your facility or you have a question about the Viper Venom™, let an EBP Equipment Specialist help. 

If you don’t think the Venom™ is the best commercial floor buffer for your business, check out some of the other top-rated buffers of 2021 here

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