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By: Dan Carr on July 23rd, 2020

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Viper AS530R™ Ride On Autoscrubber Review

As you search for the best automatic floor scrubber for your facility you will likely realize that there are several different sizes, models, and cleaning capacities. 

Selecting the best automatic floor scrubber for your business is essential to streamlining your cleaning procedures. 

With the right autoscrubber you can allow your staff to enjoy shorter cleaning times, increased productivity, and better cleaning results. 

To help you understand some of the best options for your business, we compiled a list of the 6 Best Stand On and Ride On Automatic Floor Scrubbers of 2021. One of the machines on that list is the Viper AS530R™ battery operated ride-on auto floor scrubber.

What makes the Viper AS530R™ one of the best ride-on automatic floor scrubbers of 2021?

Offering a large solution and recovery tank and 3 hour run time this machine provides one of the longest run times. 

It is equipped with a small 20-inch cleaning path and tight turn radius so it can fit into narrow hallways or maneuver crowded rooms. 

The Viper AS530R™ is ideally suited for daily cleaning in mid-sized areas of shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, hotels, warehouses and hospitals, as it can scrub up to 32,560 ft²/hour.

Below, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the Viper AS530R™ autoscrubber one of the best ride-on floor scrubbers of 2021.

Viper AS530R™ Autoscrubber Review

Ride-OnViper AS530R Ride On 20in Autoscrubber

Ride-on scrubbers are the most productive when compared to walk behind or stand-on floor scrubbers. They eliminate cords and they are the least fatiguing to the user because the user does not have to push or stand for the machine to move. 

This operator simply sits on the machine and uses finger and foot controls and a steering wheel to maneuver the machine. 

Reducing operator fatigue will ultimately boost worker productivity and allow the staff to complete more work during a cleaning shift.

Battery Operated

The Viper AS530R™ is powered by 2 AGM batteries that provide the machine with a continuous 3 hour run time.

This scrubber is highly productive with a max productivity rate of 32,560 ft²/hr.

On-Board Charger

Equipped with an on-board battery charger, the Viper AS530R™ can be charged at any 120V outlet.

On-board battery chargers increase convenience and productivity. With an on-board charger, custodial staff can avoid having to bring the machine to a specific charging area or station, boosting productivity.

Pro Tip: When any autoscrubber is plugged into an on-board battery charger, it can not be operated.

Although it is convenient, staff should not charge the battery every time they have the opportunity to. This is otherwise known as “opportunity charging”. You should always charge machine batteries to 100% including cool down time before operating the machine. Opportunity charging will overheat the battery and will shorten the life of the battery.

Large Recovery and Solution Tanks

This floor scrubber has a 19.2-gallon recovery tank and a 19-gallon solution tank, both with large openings for easy access.Viper AS530R auto floor scrubber large recovery tank lid open

The large tanks allow the machine to run for an extended period of time before having to dump and refill, boosting worker productivity.

The recovery tank is located behind the operator’s seat and has a large opening for easy and quick maintenance. The tank should be cleaned after every use to avoid odors and mold growth.


Solution Tank Level Indicator

Located on the side of the tank, the operator can quickly and easily see how full or empty the solution tank is.

Enabling the operator to be able to quickly glance at the machine to see the level of solution can help them determine if and when they need to fill up the tank.

Other machines do not clearly display the level of solution and require the operator to stop and check the tank. This can be time consuming and increase cleaning times.

Simple Controls

The control panel is built into the steering wheel. The intuitive display contains all major functions such as machine on/off, battery status, water on/off, and vacuum on/off.Viper AS530R autoscrubber simple controls with USB port

By containing the displays at the front and center of the machine, the operator has easy access and eliminates any downtime that is otherwise associated with scrubbers that have buttons on the side or back of the machine.

The large buttons and steering wheel make the Viper AS530R™ extremely easy to control.

Adding to user comfort and control, there is a USB-port for fast charging of cell phones and tablets on the control panel.

Large Scrubbing Path

The Viper AS530R™ is equipped with a 20-inch cleaning path. 

The larger the scrubbing path, the more space an operator can cover. Shorter cleaning times means greater worker productivity and lower labor costs.

Disc Machine

This floor scrubber is equipped with a disc scrub head.

Disc scrubbers utilize a round scrub disc and round floor pad or brush. This disc scrubber rotates the floor pad or brush at 160 RPM to clean the floor. Disc scrubbers are most effective on flat, even surfaces.

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Pad Pressure

This machine is capable of delivering 51 pounds of pressure to the floor, which is the least amount of pad pressure available on the machines that made our list.

Low pressure is most effective on flat, even floors.

Small Turn Radius

This scrubber is easily maneuvered into tight or congested areas. It has a very tight turn radius. 

With a small turn radius, staff can work in aisles or hallways without having to switch to a smaller floor scrubber or alternate to a mop and bucket. 

The small turn radius is possible through its compact size.

Emergency Stop

Operator safety is always a concern with ride on machines. There is a red emergency stop button on the top of the machine that is easily accessible at all times.

If the operator runs into an issue on the cleaning path, or any other issue, they can simply hit this button to come to a complete stop.

Built-In Squeegee Hanger

For better transport and storage, the squeegee on this machine is easily removed and can be hung on the recovery tank for transport and storage.

Front Bumper

AS530R front bumberThis is an extremely durable and robust machine. It has a built in heavy-duty front bumper to help prevent damage to the scrubber.


Viper provides a long 8 year warranty on the body and 5 year warranty on parts.  The warranty does not cover wearables. 

Warranties are important for helping reduce long term costs of the machine.

Final Thoughts

Engineered to withstand heavy daily use in commercial facilities, the Viper AS530R™ will allow your staff to be highly productive.

Its long run time and large solution and recovery tanks, paired with its 20-inch pad deck, make for easy cleaning of about 100,000 square feet in a cleaning shift.

Plus, its compact size and small turn radius make it perfect for medium to large facilities who want to be productive within tight areas like long, narrow aisles.

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