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By: Dan Carr on April 16th, 2020

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TASKI® swingo® 1655 Review: Best Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Selecting the best automatic floor scrubber for your business isn't always easy. There are several different types, sizes, and models, all with varying features to consider. 

Walk behind floor scrubbers, like the TASKI® swingo® 1655, are great for larger facilities that need to quickly and efficiently complete floor cleaning procedures. But, how do you know which is the best choice when there are so many options? 

To help you identify the best auto floor scrubber for your business, we compiled a list of the 4 Best Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubbers of 2021. One of the machines on that list is the TASKI® swingo® 1655 walk behind floor scrubber.

What makes the TASKI® swingo®  1655 automatic floor scrubber one of the best autoscrubbers?

The TASKI® Swingo 1655 is the largest auto floor scrubber on our list. The scrubber is self-propelled and can clean about 30,000 square feet an hour. 

This floor scrubber also provides the operator with the longest run time. The longer a floor scrubber can clean without needing to empty the recovery tank or to be recharged, the more your janitorial staff can accomplish.

In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the TASKI® swingo® 1655 auto scrubber one of the 4 Best Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubbers of 2021.

TASKI® swingo® 1655 Upright Floor Scrubber

Walk Behind 

Taski Swingo 1655 Walk Behind AutoscrubberWalk-behind floor scrubbers are larger than upright floor scrubbers but smaller than ride-on automatic floor scrubbers. 

Walk behind scrubbers allow the operator to cover more area and be more productive when compared to smaller uprights. 

Increased worker productivity will translate into labor savings.


Unlike other auto floor scrubbers, the TASKI® swingo® 1655 is self-propelled. Meaning, once the machine is activated, the operator uses one of two levers to direct the machine forward or backward.  

By minimizing operator effort and reducing fatigue, the user will be able to complete more tasks during a shift. 

Disc Machine 

Taski Discs

The TASKI® swingo® 1655 is a disc machine. Disc machines are versatile and can be paired with round brushes or floor pads to scrub different floor types. 

The ability to use either a floor pad or brush allows workers to switch back and forth between the appropriate floor pad or brush for the floor surface. 

It has two round disc pads that protrude to the front of the machine. Because the pads are strategically placed in front of the machine’s body, it can reach into tight, confined spaces that traditional walk behind scrubbers can not. 

Scrubbing Width 

At 26 inches, this machine has the largest scrubbing width of the machines we reviewed. 

When your custodial staff can complete cleaning procedures with fewer passes, you will save on labor costs. 

Increased Pad Pressure 

Delivering 132 pounds of brush pressure, this machine delivers the highest downward pressure offered by any of our top-rated walk-behind scrubbers of 2021.

Increased pad pressure can help tackle harder floors or tough stains, reducing the number of passes your workers have to make.


Quieter than the noise level of a normal conversation, the TASKI swingo® 1655 operates at 62 dBA. 

Quiet operation minimize disruptions to occupants, allowing the machine to be used for daytime cleaning.

Battery Operated 

This TASKI® floor scrubber is battery powered.  

Battery operated floor scrubbers increase worker productivity by eliminating the need for the operator to move the cord from outlet to outlet to stay in reach of a power source.

Increased Run Time 

The TASKI® swingo® 1655 provides the longest run time when compared to all the other walk-behind automatic floor scrubbers on our list.

It provides 4 hours of continuous scrubbing time per charge. 

The longer the run time, the more area staff can cover in a period of time before having to stop and replace or recharge the batteries. 

Large Solution and Recovery Tanks 

The TASKI® swingo® 1655 is equipped with the largest solution and recovery tanks on our list, both tanks are 23 gallons. 

The larger the tank, the fewer number of times the tank will have to be emptied, providing greater worker productivity.

Direct Solution Distribution 

This machine also uses 70% less water and chemical when compared to a conventional scrubber through its direct solution distribution.

Unique to TASKI®, the water and cleaning solution is distributed through the center of the pad driver. It is evenly distributed around the whole surface of the pad rather than just at the outer edges like on other floor scrubbers. 

Chemical distribution through the center of the pad helps reduce the amount of cleaning solution needed by keeping the solution under the machine rather than to the side. 

Reduced water usage during cleaning procedures will also reduce the amount of water that will need to be vacuumed from the floor, reducing the amount of times staff will need to empty the tanks. 

W-Shaped Squeegee

W Squeegee BladesEquipped with a patented, W-shaped squeegee, the TASKI® swingo® 1655 delivers a best-in-class drying result. 

W-shaped blades funnel the water directly into two vacuum lines, reducing water streaks and the potential risk of slip-fall accidents caused by wet floors.

Additionally, the squeegee breaks away from the machine if it becomes hung up on a door way or fixture, so that it doesn't break. It can be easily reattached without any tools. 

TASKI IntelliTrail™

Available as an option, the TASKI IntelliTrail™ allows remote, web-based access to the operation of the automatic floor scrubber. 

With IntelliTrail the operator can view usage rates, cleaning times and maintenance needs. 

Easy access to information around how the machine is used daily can allow management to find out if changes should be made to cleaning schedules or chemical usage for improved efficiency and productivity. 


The TASKI® swingo® 1655 comes standard with the IntelliFlow system. IntelliFlow monitors the amount of cleaning solution dispersed onto the floor. This feature ensures that the amount of solution dosed onto the floor is always consistent no matter how fast the machine is operating. 

The IntelliFlow™ system can reduce water usage by up to 60-75% and provide between 60-75% chemical savings. 


Available as an accessory, the IntelliDose™ chemical dilution system properly mixes the chemicals and water on-board. On-board chemical dilution systems help ensure the same chemical dilution rate throughout the entire cleaning procedure. 

Easy Lift Tank

The batteries are located underneath the tanks. They are easily accessible for maintenance with the easy lift tank system. Simply twist and pull a knob at the perimeter of the body of the machine to gain access to the battery compartment. Easy access simplifies machine maintenance, shortening equipment downtime. 

Unique Control Panel  

At the top front of the machine, the control panel provides full access to key machine features including: 

  • Key Start 
  • Emergency Stop
  • Adjustable Water Flow
  • Vacuum On/Off
  • Battery Level
  • Water Condition

Yellow Daily Maintenance PartsColor-Coded Maintenance Parts 

Parts which require daily maintenance are color-coded yellow. 

Designating parts that need attention reduces the likelihood of missed maintenance which could otherwise lead to damaged equipment.


Final Thoughts

Great for larger facilities, the TASKI® swingo® 1655 provides the greatest cleaning productivity of any of the walk-behind scrubbers we reviewed. The TASKI® swingo® allows staff to be extremely efficient with its ability to clean over 30,000 square feet per hour, large solution tanks, and long battery life. 

Further improving productivity, operators have the advantage of controlling the main machine functions at their fingertips. 

In addition to increased productivity, your facility can see reduced chemical and water usage because of the machine’s direct solution distribution and it’s IntelliFlow™ system. 

By using less water and chemical, this machine is an environmentally friendly solution for your facility. 

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. We have an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program.

Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best autoscrubber for your needs. Visit our equipment page to learn more or to request a demo.

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