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By: Dan Carr on January 7th, 2020

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TASKI® ergodisc® 1200 Floor Burnisher Review [VIDEO]

Floor burnishers are available in different sizes, models, and cleaning capacities. Selecting the best burnisher is essential to streamlining your floor’s polishing procedures. 

To help you understand some of the best options for your business, we compiled a list of the top 5 burnishers of 2021. One of the burnishers on that list is the TASKI® ergodisc® 1200.  

What makes the TASKI® ergodisc® 1200 one of the best floor burnishers? 

This high-speed, 20-inch machine is equipped with a flexible pad drive, center feed, and direct solution distribution, making it a great choice for spray cleaning. 

In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the TASKI® ergodisc® 1200 one of the best burnishers of 2021. 

TASKI® ergodisc® 1200

Taski ergodisc 1200 Commercial BufferWalk-Behind

Guided by the operator, this burnisher is a 20-inch walk-behind model. Walk-behind, 20-inch burnishers are best used in areas like cafeterias, long corridors, or gymnasiums. 

Power Source  

The TASKI® ergodisc® 1200 is a cord-electric floor burnisher. 

It is equipped with the longest electrical cord of all the walk-behind burnishers on our list of the 5 best floor burnishers

The 82-foot long cord allows the operator to travel the greatest distance before having to stop and move the plug to a new outlet. Faster burnishing procedures will free up your custodial staff to allow them to complete more cleaning and maintenance procedures during a shift.  


This floor burnisher runs on a 1.5 horsepower (hp) motor, the most common size motor. 

The size of the motor on your floor burnisher will help determine the efficiency and results of a burnishing procedure. A high horsepower machine will be able to deliver more power to the floor pad. 

Belt Drive

On a belt-driven floor burnisher, the motor drives a belt, which in turn spins the pad driver.

This belt-driven machine is quieter than the other options on our list, but it can require more maintenance. 

Pad Speed 

When compared to the other top-rated burnishers of 2021, this machine has the lowest rpms, at 1200 rotations per minute. Rotations per minute help determine how fast the operator can complete burnishing procedures.

Cleaning Path 

On each pass, the TASKI® ergodisc® 1200 floor burnisher covers 20 inches. This is the standard cleaning path size. 

Front Steering Wheel 

Front WheelUnique to this burnisher, it features a small front wheel. The wheel helps guide the machine in a straight line for enhanced maneuverability and ease of use. 


Providing the best protection for the operator on a walk-behind burnisher, this machine is equipped with an enclosed handle and a safety lock. 

The enclosed handle helps reduce the risk of injury to the operator’s hands. 

For additional operator protection, when the safety lock is engaged, the burnisher will not start. This feature also helps protect the floor from accidental damage.  


This machine is built for operator comfort. 

In addition to the built-in safety features on the handle, the grip is anatomically formed to reduce stress and improve operator performance. 

For superior operator comfort as well as reduced fatigue, the handlebar is height-adjustable and has a low vibration level.

Reducing the stress put on the user’s body will help increase the amount of work they can get done before needing a break. 

Quiet Operation 

Out of all of our top-rated burnishers of 2021, this is the quietest commercial floor burnisher in our offering. It has the lowest noise and vibration levels to help minimize occupant disturbances during daytime cleaning procedures.

It operates at 64 decibels (dBA), which is equivalent to the sound of a normal conversation.

Direct Solution Distribution

Spray Buff TubeAs standard, every unit is fitted with an electrical spray unit. When activated, the burnisher dispenses the cleaning or polishing solution directly through the center of the pad. 

The cleaning chemical is evenly distributed around the whole surface of the pad rather than just at the outer edges. Chemical distribution through the center of the pad helps reduce the amount of cleaning solution needed by keeping the solution under the machine rather than to the side. 

This feature allows the operator to easily achieve consistent, shiny floors. 

Full Pad Contact 

Equipped with a floating pad drive, the pad will remain in full contact with the floor even when the floor is contoured. 

For enhanced results, the floating pad drive helps ensure that the operator not only has full pad-to-floor contact but has a constant working pressure.

Full pad contact allows the operator to achieve the best results in the fewest amount of passes. 

Compact Storage

Janitorial cleaning equipment can be bulky and take up storage space when not in use. 

To accommodate tight storage areas, the entire handlebar folds down for simple and easy storage and transportation. 

Vacuum Unit and Suction Skirt

As an added accessory, the ergodisc® 1200 can be dressed with a vacuum unit and suction skirt to reduce dust emission into the air. 

During spray cleaning, the skirt also acts as a splash protector.

Reduced dust emissions and liquid residue help lower the amount of additional work your staff will have to perform to ensure floor and air safety. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best floor burnisher for your facility will lead to an enhanced floor appearance, increased worker productivity, and lower labor costs.

Offering more versatility than other floor burnishers on our list, the ergodisc® 1200 is an ideal option for businesses who perform burnishing, buffing, and spray cleaning procedures. 

Although it is not the fastest or most efficient, this versatile machine is the second least-expensive burnisher included in our Guide to the 5 Best Floor Burnishers of 2021

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. We have an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. 

Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best burnisher for your needs. Visit our site to contact an equipment Specialist.

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