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By: Dan Carr on September 30th, 2020

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ProTeam® Super Halfvac Pro: Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum Review

The importance of vacuuming cannot be overstated. It's a daily task that can help protect floors from lasting damage, however, it can be extremely time consuming.

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of time your staff spend on vacuuming procedures, is to ensure they are using the most efficient vacuum for your facility.

In a previous article, we discuss how commercial backpack vacuums can increase worker productivity by as much as 230% when compared to upright vacuums. They can be a time-saving and cost-saving addition to your facility.

There are several different commercial backpack vacuums on the market today, but each provides its own unique features and benefits. To sort through the different backpack vacuums, we compiled a list of the top-rated vacuums of 2020 based on static lift, airflow, cleaning capacity, and other various features. On that list was the ProTeam® Super Halfvac Pro.

In this article and video, we’ll review the ProTeam® Super Halfvac Pro backpack vacuum and identify the features that make this one of the best commercial vacuums of 2020.

What makes the ProTeam® Super Halfvac Pro one of the best vacuums of 2020?

Differentiating itself from other commercial backpack vacuums, the Halfvac Pro is worn on the lower back/hip of the user instead of the center back. It also gives the user up to three different ways to wear the vacuum to ensure the best fit.

It is the smallest, lightest and most compact backpack that we review. It is considered a great starter backpack for new users who may be reluctant to switch to a backpack vacuum.

ProTeam® Super Halfvac Pro Vacuum Specifications and Review

Cord Electric

Yellow CordAs is standard with most backpack vacuums, this small backpack comes with a 50 foot cord to reduce interruptions in cleaning procedures so your staff can work more productively.

The longer the electric cord, the farther staff can clean without having to unplug and move the plug to a new outlet.

HipStyle Design

ProTeam Super HalfVac Pro 6qt Hipstyle Backpack Vacuum

Unlike most backpack vacuums, this model is designed to be worn on the lower back so it won't strain the operator’s back or shoulders.

If the user chooses, it can also be worn as a regular backpack.

Versatile Harness

The harness, which secures the vacuum to the user, can be worn three different ways for maximum operator comfort.

It can be worn with two shoulder straps and a waist belt, similar to how other commercial backpack vacuums are worn. If the user does not find this comfortable, they can secure the vacuum using just one shoulder strap. For maximum freedom, the user can choose to use only the waist belt as a harness.


Out of all the backpack vacuums we review, this is the lightest backpack vacuum. At just 10.5 pounds, this lightweight machine makes it easy for users to comfortably move in any direction.

It is important to consider the machine’s weight when looking for the best backpack vacuum. The user will be carrying the vacuum for the entire duration of the cleaning procedure, and if the backpack vacuum is too heavy, it will be fatiguing to the user.

Heavy vacuums will require the operator to take breaks, lengthening cleaning times and reducing productivity.

For individuals with a smaller body frame where a larger backpack may not fit, the small, compact size of this vacuum and reduced weight make it a great option.


Similar to other backpack vacuums, the Super HalfVac Pro allows the operator to work in a more natural position.

When compared to upright or canister vacuums, the user doesn't have to bend over or perform repetitive arm and leg movements, ultimately reducing fatigue. Fatigued workers require additional time to complete cleaning tasks and are less productive.

Additionally, this vacuum provides added lumbar support through its padded waist belt.

Static Lift & Airflow

A vacuum's efficiency depends on its ability to lift and retain dirt or its static lift and airflow.

Static lift and airflow work together to lift and remove soils from surfaces. Static lift measures the vacuum's ability to lift dirt, and airflow relates to how much air the vacuum is pulling in. Together, the lift sucks up the dirt and soils from the surface and airflow helps it travel to the filter bag in the vacuum.

This vacuum provides a good balance of strong airflow and static lift. It offers a lift of 97 inches, the highest of all the backpack vacuums that we review.

It’s high lift is paired with a high airflow of 106 CFM.

Cleaning Capacity

This backpack holds up to 6 quarts of dirt and debris in the filter bag.

The larger the filter bag capacity the longer staff will be able to clean without stopping to replace the bag.

The cleaning path size will depend on the tool you are working with. Backpack vacuums manufactured by ProTeam® have the ability to be paired with various cleaning tools to match the area they are in.

Optional Cleaning Tools

This backpack vacuum can be paired with ProTeam’s 14" Xover® multi-surface floor tool, a telescoping wand, 5" upholstery tool, 3" dust brush, 17" crevice tool, and more.1-107385-shvp-kit-jpgproteam halfvac cleaning tools

The vast range of cleaning tools can be quickly and easily changed out so the operator can tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks with just one machine.


For user and vacuum protection, this backpack vacuum has a built-in self-cooling feature.

The airflow is directed around the motor so that it remains cool during operation. It prevents overheating which could otherwise result in motor damage and costly repairs.

It also protects the operator from the hot air output.

Four Level Filtration with HEPA

The Super HalfVac Pro is uniquely equipped with Proteam’s Four Level® Filtration with HEPA system.

This system is built to ensure cleaner, healthier air in your facility. This system captures and contains soils from surfaces and the air, so allergy and asthma triggers, like dust and dander, are eliminated.

The four levels of filtration include:

  1. Intercept Micro Filter
  2. Micro Cloth Filter
  3. Dome Filter
  4. Dual HEPA Filters

HEPA filtration or High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration is a specific filter system that captures 99.97% of particulates like soils and dust at .3 microns or bigger. The greater amount of soils and particulates that are removed, the cleaner and healthier the air will be in your facility. 


This is especially important in hospitals, schools, or other markets who want to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). It is also important for facilities who are trying to achieve LEED certification.


Similar to other ProTeam® vacuums, the Super Halfvac Pro comes standard with a 3 year warranty on parts 

and labor.

Built with lasting durability in mind, ProTeam also provides a 1 year warranty on the motor and 3 year warranty on molded body parts.

Final Thoughts

This compact, lightweight backpack vacuum is great for facilities looking to switch from standard uprights or canisters to backpack vacuums.

Equipped with a large filter bag capacity and the ability to be paired with several different tools, this backpack vacuum can be used to clean a variety of surfaces.

Should your staff be hesitant to switch to a backpack vacuum, this is an easy-to-use and comfortable machine that can introduce new users to the comfort and enhanced productivity of backpack vacuums.

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Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best commercial backpack vacuum for your needs. Visit our site to learn more or to request a demo.

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