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By: Dan Carr on June 29th, 2020

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ProTeam® GoFree Flex Pro II Review: Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum 2021

One of the most productive types of commercial vacuum cleaners are backpack vacuums. 

Switching from the traditional 12-inch upright vacuum cleaner to a corded backpack vacuum with a 14-inch orifice carpet tool can allow your staff to enjoy an increase in productivity by as much as 230%. 

Backpack vacuums are lightweight and more versatile than other types of vacuums like uprights or canisters. 

They provide janitorial staff with a range of benefits including increased range of motion, improved safety, reduced fatigue and improved ergonomics that ultimately allows workers to complete more work in less time.

Backpack vacuums are more expensive than some types of commercial vacuums, but given the large increase in worker productivity you can achieve a full payback in as few as six weeks. 

To help you select the best commercial backpack vacuum for your facility, we narrowed down the options in a previous article. That list included the ProTeam® Backpack GoFree Flex Pro II vacuum. 

Below, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features that make this one of the best commercial vacuums of 2021.

What makes the ProTeam® GoFree Flex Pro II one of the best vacuums of 2021?

The ProTeam® GoFree Flex Pro II is the only battery powered backpack on our list

This cordless backpack vacuum offers exceptional maneuverability and efficiency.  Depending on the battery used with this backpack, it weighs just 15.5 or 17.5 pounds.  The machine evenly distributes weight on the user’s back ensuring reduced fatigue and improved comfort. 

Eliminating power cords, the operator can quickly move from area to area without having to be within reach of an outlet or worrying about tripping on the cord.

ProTeam ® GoFree Flex Pro II Backpack Vacuum 

Battery Operated 

Battery operated backpacks, like this one, allow the operator to move freely without any restricting cords. Unlike cord electric vacuums, the operator does not have to carefully maneuver around cords and make sure that they are always within reach of an outlet. 

ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro II Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Cordless backpack vacuums can increase efficiencies by saving approximately 1-1.5 hours per 4 hour vacuum shift.

Interchangeable Batteries

This battery powered backpack also has the unique ability to be paired with either a 6 amp hour or 12 amp hour lithium ion battery. 

When equipped with a 12 Ah lithium ion battery, this machine offers a continuous run time of approximately 101 minutes on low and approximately 73 minutes on high.

The 12 Ah battery takes about 3 hours to recharge. 

With the 6 amp hour battery, the GoFree Flex Pro II offers about 50 minutes of continuous run time on low, and provides about 35 minutes on high.

When compared to the 12 amp hour battery, the 6 Ah battery can be quickly charged, returning to full charge capacity in about 1.5 hours.  It is also lighter-weight, making it easier for the operator to carry. 

Two Cleaning Modes 

This backpack vacuum has two cleaning modes: high and low. The operator can easily toggle between each mode using a switch.  

Lower power should be used for routine cleaning. High power is for deep cleaning.

In addition to helping the user tackle different cleaning procedures, the ability to toggle between different modes can help conserve battery life.

Static Lift & Airflow 

Static lift and airflow work together to remove soil from the surface. Static lift removes the soil from the surface and air flow helps the dirt and debris travel down the vacuum hose to the tank. Higher static lift and airflow will provide increased soil removal. 

The low power setting on this vacuum has a max lift of 67 inches. High power can provide a lift up to 81 inches.

When used on low, this backpack vacuum has an airflow of 58 CFM. If operated on high, it has an increased airflow of 81 CFM.  


Equipped with a large filter bag, this backpack can trap and contain up to 6 quarts of dirt and debris. 

The larger the filter bag the longer staff will be able to clean without having to empty the bags. The more frequently your staff has to stop and empty the filter bag the less they can get done in one shift.   

Brushless Motor 

Unlike most commercial vacuums, this machine utilizes a brushless motor. 

Brushless motors eliminate carbon brushes which reduces maintenance needs, increases motor life and eliminates carbon dust. 

ProLevel FiltrationⓇ System 

This backpack vacuum by ProTeam has a ProLevel Filtration system. 

It features multiple levels of filters which helps to reduce allergens and asthma triggers. This is important for facilities concerned with indoor air quality (IAQ).  HEPA Filter

The levels include: 

  1. Intercept Micro Filter (Paper bag)
  2. Micro Cloth Filter (Cloth bag )
  3. Dome Filter (Motor Prefilter) 
  4. Dual HEPA Filters

Pro Tip: HEPA filtration or High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration is a specific filter system that captures 99.97% of particulates like soils and dust at .3 microns or bigger. 

Increased Safety 

Battery powered backpack vacuums are safer for the operator and occupants because they do not have power cords. By eliminating power cords there is no risk of tripping on the cord.


Backpack vacuums allow the operator to work in a more natural position, reducing the tendency to hunch over. Additionally, the neutral and more natural posture of using a backpack reduces the fatigue caused by repetitive arm and leg extensions typically associated with an upright or canister vacuum. 

With less fatigue, staff can be more productive.


When equipped with the larger 12 Ah battery, this backpack vacuum weighs 17.5 pounds, and when used with the 6 Ah battery, this machine weighs only 15.5 lbs.

Weight is evenly distributed with a backplate, which means it's more comfortable and easy to wear than other backpack vacuums.

Cleaning Tool Kit   

This battery-powered backpack can be paired with several different cleaning tool kits. The most popular kit comes with the 14" Xover® multi-surface floor tool, telescoping wand, 5" upholstery tool, 3" dust brush and 17" crevice tool. proteam gofree flex pro II cleaning too kit

Each tool can be used to help staff work more easily and quickly in different cleaning applications, ultimately boosting worker productivity.


The ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro II comes with a 3 year warranty on parts and labor as well as a 2 year warranty on motor, battery and charger. 

There is a limited lifetime warranty on molded body parts.

Final Thoughts 

Offering the most productivity out of any of the backpack vacuums on our list, this battery powered backpack is great for a range of facilities. 

It is extremely ergonomic and safe for use on stairways or other hard to maintain areas. When paired with the right tools it can also tackle a variety of surfaces. 

Powered by a lithium ion battery, this machine provides long run times so that the operator can be as efficient as possible. It is also equipped with a large filter bag, helping to minimize the amount of times the operator will have to stop and empty dirt and debris.

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. 

EBP has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your floor care program. 

If you are ready to boost productivity in your facility, the ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro II, or have a question about this or any other floor scrubber,  visit our equipment page to let an EBP Account Executive help. 

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