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By: Dan Carr on January 7th, 2021

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ProTeam® FreeFlex Battery Upright Commercial Vacuum Review

As you search for the best commercial vacuum cleaner for your business, you may be looking for a versatile vacuum that your staff can use throughout your entire facility. 

One of the biggest concerns when vacuuming is having to manage cords and stay within reach of an outlet. It is time-consuming and frustrating to have to worry about where the next outlet is. 

To alleviate this problem, operators may opt for a battery operated machine. However, staff is then limited to the life of a battery. 

So, how do you eliminate cord management and battery-life restrictions? 

The ProTeam® Upright FreeFlex is a hybrid that can be used as either a battery or cord electric vacuum. 

It’s ability to be paired with a battery or cord helps the operator seamlessly complete cleaning procedures without either extension cords or charging downtime, depending on your choice of power. 

Cordless cleaning eliminates cord management tasks and allows the cleaner to take the most productive path. 

In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features that make this one of the best commercial vacuums or 2020. 

ProTeam® FreeFlex Cordless / Corded Upright Vacuum Review

Power Source 

The FreeFlex is a battery-powered hybrid upright vacuum. Unique to this ProTeam upright, this vacuum can be either battery operated or cord electric.Yellow Cord

This vacuum operates on a lithium-ion battery which offers 72 minutes of continuous cleaning time. With this upright, your staff can work efficiently with no cord management or wall outlet restrictions. 

Should your cleaning extend beyond the charge of a battery, this vacuum ensures your staff can work for as long as needed. This vacuum comes equipped with a 40 foot electric cord so your staff can continue cleaning procedures. 

Lithium Ion Battery 

FreeFlex BatteryOut of the four main types of janitorial cleaning equipment batteries, lithium ion batteries are the longest lasting. This battery can be recharged up to 850 times.

This lithium ion battery is efficient and takes only about 93 minutes to complete a full charge cycle. 

Li-ion batteries are also spill proof and maintenance free, making them safe and easiest to maintain. 

Increased Safety

When used as a cordless upright, this vacuum eliminates the cord and the associated trip and fall hazards. 

Given the reduced chance of occupant injury, this vacuum can be used for daytime cleaning in and around busy lobbies, entryways, and other areas.

Static Lift & Airflow 

Together, static lift and airflow work to remove and contain soils from surfaces. Static lift removes the soil from the surface and air flow helps the dirt and debris travel up the vacuum hose to the tank. 

Higher static lift and airflow will provide increased soil removal. 

ProTeam FreeFleax Battery Upright Vacuum

The static lift and airflow on this machine are impacted by the machine’s ability to be operated as either a battery powered or cord eclectic machine. 

When used with the battery, it has an airflow of 60 CFM and 17 in static lift. However, the corded version is slightly more powerful, providing an airflow of 70 CFM and 25 inches static lift.


Whether you are using this machine with the cord or battery, it is lightweight so that the user does not get fatigued when performing repetitive arm movements.  

When used as a cord-electric machine, it weighs just 13.9 pounds. If using the battery attachment, the vacuum weighs 17.6 pounds.

Low Profile 

This provides an exceptionally low cleaning clearance.  The ProTeam® Upright FreeFlex is perfect for cleaning under furniture, shelves, and cabinets.  

Larger commercial upright or canister vacuums struggle to fit into confined spaces without damaging the vacuum or furniture. 

Utilizing the low profile, staff will not have to manually clean these tight areas, reducing worker fatigue and boosting worker productivity.Staff typically require a wand or smaller hand held machine to tackle these spaces. 

Animated Dashboard 

Located on the brush head, there is a dashboard that provides the operator with visual alerts. The dashboard indicates the battery level, alerts if the brush roll is jammed, and more. 

Easy to Use

Unlike many other vacuums, the ProTeam® Upright FreeFlex does not require any tools to assemble. 

When operating, the user can easily switch between the battery and cord. The battery is simply inserted into the lower bottom of the machine. When the user is ready to switch to an outlet, they simply remove the battery and plug in the cord. 

The cord is stored on the machine. 

Simple Maintenance 


The FreeFlex comes standard with a clog tool to help operators easily remove any stubborn items from the hose and filter bag opening. 

To further simplify maintenance, there is a large fold-out door that makes changing the filter bag quick and easy. 


The ProTeam® FreeFlex comes with a 3 year warranty on parts, labor, and molded body parts. This warranty does not cover expendable wear items like the brush roll, filter bags, and other wear items. 

There is a separate 2 year warranty on the motor, battery and charger. 

Final Thoughts 

Integrating this innovative and versatile machine into your cleaning and maintenance program can allow your staff to move from area to area with a single machine. 

With its narrow and low profile design, this machine is great for facilities needing to quickly and easily clean soils in tight aisles or under shelves. 

It is extremely beneficial in areas where a typical corded vacuum can not go, like in elevators. However, if your staff does not need to access restricted areas, and they don't have to worry about occupants tripping on the cord, they can use the machine with its cord for a long, continuous run time. 

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EBP has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your floor care program. 

Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best commercial vacuum for your needs. Visit our equipment page to learn more or to request a demo.

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