By: Admin on November 19th, 2020

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EBP Supply Solutions Earns National Recognition For Distribution Performance

Milford, Conn. - EBP Supply Solutions (EBP) has been awarded the Operations Excellence Award by NETWORK® Services Company in recognition of its outstanding distribution performance. 

The Operations Excellence Award recognizes distribution partners that are able to meet a number of criteria, including: 

  • Achieving an error rate of less than 1% based on the total net dollar value of price errors 
  • Having a low volume of INRs (invoice not recorded)
  • Demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of NETWORK® programs and responsiveness 

“At EBP, we strive to provide our customers and other stakeholders with value beyond that of the traditional distributor. This award demonstrates our unparalleled dedication and commitment to our business partners,” commented Matthew Sugarman, President of EBP Supply Solutions.

“Our excellence reflects our ability to build and maintain strategic, long-term relationships that strengthen our supply chain for mutual success. Receiving this award, in such extraordinary times, demonstrates that our organization’s commitment to our partners has and always will remain a priority, regardless of market conditions,” states Sugarman. 

Chief Executive Officer of Network®, Alan Tomblin, presented EBP with the Operations Excellence Award at NETWORK’s annual Stockholders/Member Meeting on October 29th, 2020.

NETWORK® Services Company is a group of independent B2B distributors across the globe providing specialized markets and multi-site programs, including healthcare, hospitality, foodservice, grocery, and commercial real estate, with a range of products and services such as janitorial, sanitation, print, and foodservice packaging products, through its 900+ distribution centers. 

About EBP Supply Solutions

EBP Supply Solutions, founded in 1918, is a leading distribution partner in the eastern United States, providing a broad range of cleaning and food service supplies, training, and services for organizations in buildings, institutions (including government & education), healthcare, recreation and food service markets. Headquartered in Milford, CT, it operates from three distribution centers in Milford, CT, Tewksbury, MA and Cranbury, NJ, and achieves national distribution in partnership with Network® Distribution Services. 

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