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By: Dan Carr on October 11th, 2019

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Top-Rated Floor Burnisher Review: NSS eForce®

Selecting the best floor burnisher for your business isn't always easy. There are several different types and models with varying features to consider. 

When it comes to choosing a burnisher, you will want the best one for your business' size, budget, and needs. In a previous article, we shared a list of the best burnishers of 2020 based on the available features. That list included the NSS eForce® floor burnisher. 

Below we will provide an in-depth look at why the NSS eForce® burnisher is one of the best available today.

NSS eForce® Floor Burnisher




NSS eforce 27in Battery Ride On BurnisherThis is the only ride-on burnisher in our top-rated burnishers of 2020. This means that the operator does not have to walk or perform strenuous work to operate the machine. 

Ride-on burnishers provide superior productivity when compared to walk-behind burnishers. 

Battery Operated 

Powered by six, 6-volt 430 amp hour (AH) batteries, the eforce® provides 3 hours of continuous runtime. This is a great choice for facilities who need to clean areas beyond the reach of a typical corded burnisher.  

Battery operated burnishers increase worker productivity by eliminating the need for the operator to move the cord from outlet to outlet to stay in reach of a power source. 


This is the most powerful machine included in our top-rated burnishers of 2020. 

It is equipped with a 3.6 horsepower (hp) pad motor and a dual drive motor. 

A dual drive motor controls the speed and direction of the machine. It allows the operator to easily maneuver the machine without having to manually guide the burnisher. 

Joystick Control 

The eForce® is easily controlled by its patent-pending joystick control system. The operator sits on the riding platform and simply operates the burnisher with fingertip movements. 

The joystick operates two drive wheels which are located directly below the operator, giving them a good sense of the cleaning path they are on. 

Joystick control is positioned to the side so there is nothing to obstruct the operator's view. Other walk-behind or ride-on burnishers can block part of the operator's view.  

Zero-Turn Radius 

The eForce® has a zero-turn radius design which allows the burnisher to be used right up against walls or in tight hallways. Zero-turn means the machine can pivot and turn within the burnisher's own path. The turn radius utilized is much smaller than other machines of the same size. 

Large Burnishing Path 

Equipped with a 27-inch burnishing path, the eForce® offers the largest cleaning path of all of our top-rated burnishers of 2020.

The NSS eForce® burnisher is practical for areas between 5,000 and 100,000 square feet like airports, hospitals, or schools. 

Front Mounted Burnishing Pad

The burnishing pad is strategically mounted on the front of the machine for increased maneuverability.

By placing the pad on the front of the machine it can better reach into corners and tight spaces where other burnishers can not.  

Dust Control 

For enhanced dust control, this burnisher is equipped with the NSS Vac-Trac dust collection system on the burnishing head of the machine. The filter collects 95% of dust particles that are .3 microns and larger.

Dust control increases worker productivity by eliminating the need for dust mopping after burnishing. 

Dust ControlDust control burnishers will help maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) and help protect the health of your staff and building occupants. This is an important feature for facilities interested in earning LEED certification. 

Want to learn more about LEED certification? Check out this article: What is LEED Certification and Why is it Important?

Multiple Pad Pressures & Speed Settings 

The burnisher has three pad pressures 60, 75, or 90 pounds to appropriately handle different flooring. Heavier pad pressures should be used for more difficult floor cleaning procedures. 

It also has variable pad speed settings between 1,500 and 1,700. The pad pressure will determine the speed of the burnisher. The heavier the weight, the more pad pressure is applied and the slower the pad will spin.

Touch-Screen Control Panel 

DisplayA touch screen control panel is built into the arm of the machine and offers several control features, including training tutorials and a built-in training manual. 

The touch-screen control panel allows your staff to control the features necessary to operate the machine such as speed and burnishing pressure. 

Easy access to the training manual can help avoid improper use of the equipment and potential problems. 

Supervisor Mode 

Even with the best training, operators can sometimes forget steps or misuse equipment. 

With the integrated supervisor mode on the burnisher, managers or supervisors can control the settings which machine operators are allowed to access. By limiting the machine to only the settings acceptable in your facility, it will help you make sure your staff is correctly operating the equipment. 

Compact Storage 

When not in use, janitorial cleaning equipment can be bulky and take up storage space. 

To accommodate tight storage areas, the front-mounted burnishing head of the NSS eForce®  is hinged and flips up 90 degrees. 

Final Thoughts 

Offering the largest cleaning path and a zero-turn radius, this ride-on, battery-powered burnisher will allow your janitorial staff to work faster and cover more area. 

Your staff will be able to operate the eForce® utilizing the fingertip controls from the comfort of the seat, simplifying maneuverability, reducing worker fatigue, and boosting productivity,  

If you are currently using a 26, 27, or 28-inch floor scrubber in your facility, you should complement your floor program with the same size floor burnisher.

When compared to the other top-rated burnishers of 2020, this is the most expensive burnisher. But, keep in mind, this burnisher will provide superior productivity especially in larger facilities. Enhanced worker productivity will translate into labor savings, helping to pay for the machine.  

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your floor care program. 

If you are ready to invest in the NSS eForce® floor burnisher or have a question about this or any other floor burnisher, let an EBP Equipment Specialist help. 

Not sure this is the right burnisher for your facility? Learn which burnisher might be better for your business here: Your Guide To The 5 Best Floor Burnishers of 2020

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