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By: Dan Carr on April 2nd, 2020

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3 Pieces of Innovative Cleaning Equipment You Need to Know About in 2021

Janitorial cleaning equipment is used to simplify maintenance procedures and boost worker productivity. Everyday new equipment innovations are brought to market. Being aware of the latest equipment innovation is important to continuously improving cleaning procedures and enhancing your facility's level of clean. 

Integrating the latest cleaning equipment innovations into your facility will allow you to: 

  • Reduce cleaning times 
  • Increase worker productivity 
  • Lower overall costs 

In this article, we will review the highlights of the top 3 game-changing equipment innovations in the cleaning industry.

  1. Clorox® T360®
  2. Doodle Scrub® by Square Scrub®
  3. Nilfisk Liberty SC50

1. Clorox® Total 360®

With a force stronger than gravity, the innovative Clorox® Total 360® System pairs electrostatic technology with Clorox® disinfectants and sanitizers to deliver 360° coverage onto hard surfaces, even those that are hard-to-reach.

Pro Tip: What is electrostatic technology? Electrostatic technology is the process of spraying a mist of positively charged liquid onto a surface or object. Most surfaces and objects are negatively charged and attract the positively charged mist particles. The attraction enables the liquid to adhere to and spread over the entire object or surface evenly.  

Unlike the traditional trigger or pump sprayer, electrostatic cleaning technology delivers uniform wraparound coverage. Traditional cleaning and disinfecting tools, like trigger sprayers or pump sprayers, aren’t designed to efficiently or effectively cover all areas of a surface, increasing the risk of illness throughout your facility. 

Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer SystemThe Total 360® is great for coverage of large square footage areas such as in airports, ambulances, athletic facilities, public restrooms, correctional facilities, day care centers, hotels, institutional kitchens, laundry rooms, offices and schools. This innovative equipment allows workers to cover up to 18,000 square feet per hour, greatly improving worker productivity. 

It is also great for small, hard to reach areas. This equipment is especially useful in situations that typically require workers to spend extra time cleaning tight or small spaces, cracks, and crevices. 

Instead of having to use scrub brushes or cloths, cleaning staff only have to point and spray. The wide dispersion of the mist allows the product to coat surfaces evenly, and envelope objects. 

The Clorox Total 360 provides thorough cleaning and disinfection, reducing the amount of germs throughout your facility. Fewer germs throughout your facility will help lower the costs associated with absenteeism and business loss. 

In addition to superior coverage, the system uses 65% less solution and works up to 75% faster when compared to a trigger bottle sprayer. 

By using the Clorox Total 360® you will use less solution and labor, and see increased overall savings & better coverage. 

2. Doodle Scrub® by Square Scrub® 

The Doodle Scrub® by Square Scrub® goes where other scrubbers can’t. 

Capitalizing on the need to reach small spaces, the Doodle Scrub®  is a small, compact orbital scrubber. 

Doodle ScrubThis floor scrubber is specifically designed to tackle those hard to reach areas. Unlike other floor scrubbers, the Doodle Scrub® easily fits behind toilets, under bathroom partitions, and can be used on stairs. 

The machine weighs about 23 pounds and utilizes a 5.25 inch x 10.5 inch pad.  

Traditionally, 17-inch and 20-inch scrubbers are too difficult to maneuver behind toilets or too dangerous to operate on stairs, causing workers to resort to the traditional mop and bucket cleaning method. 

When compared to the mop and bucket, the Doodle Scrub® produces a quicker, more hygienic clean. Staff will no longer have to manually scrub the area; they will only have to manually remove any remaining slurry from cleaning procedures. 

Not only does the Doodle Scrub® enhance cleaning results, it improves worker productivity. 

Dirty and stained grout can be difficult to restore, requiring your janitorial staff to spend more time and strenuous labor on one cleaning procedure. With the same pounds per square inch and scrubbing power as bigger, heavier floor scrubbers, the Doodle Scrub® enables your staff to quickly restore grout with less effort.

This game-changing machine is also extremely versatile. Aside from cleaning small floors and restoring grout, it can also be used to dry prep VCT, strip floors, and polish stone where other scrubbers can’t reach.

3. Nilfisk Liberty SC50

The Nilfisk Liberty is a revolutionary autonomous cleaning machine that takes autonomous cleaning to a new level.

Autonomous cleaning equipment is not new to the janitorial services market, however, this is the first-self mapping and independently certified autonomous cleaning machine. 

Other autonomous cleaning machines require staff to take the time to map out the path the scrubber will take to clean floors. However, with the Liberty SC50, the operator has a choice of three modes: 

  • Nilfisk SC50 LibertyFill-in mode - The operator drives the perimeter of the site to be cleaned once, and then the Liberty SC50 calculates the most efficient path to clean the interior of that space.
  • CopyCat™ mode - The operator must complete the entire cleaning path once and then the machine replicates the same path for all future uses. 
  • Manual mode - In manual mode, the scrubber is treated like a traditional autoscrubber. The operator maneuvers the machine throughout the entire cleaning procedure. This gives the operator complete control.

Designed with an emphasis on safety for building occupants and equipment protection, the Liberty SC50 has an independent safety system. 

The safety system is separate from the mapping and path planning system. It creates a safety zone around itself using an array of 3D, 2D, infrared and depth sensors. 

As a part of the safety system ,the Liberty SC50 comes with a tracking system that notifies facility managers of the system status. Examples of system status updates include:  if the machine runs into an issue, completion of a cleaning procedure, and more. 

Using the safety system, the machine adjusts in real-time to new obstacles or changes in the cleaning path. If the Liberty SC50 determines an unsafe area or obstacle the machine automatically overrides the route and immediately stops and alerts the facility manager. The scrubber will automatically resume if safe.   

The Liberty SC50 is the only autonomous floor scrubber on the market compliant with CSA/ANSI 336, an OSHA recognized autonomous floorcare safety standard.

Its enhanced safety features make it ideal for day-time cleaning in a variety of spaces. The Liberty SC50 is practical for medium to large sized environments including schools, universities, hospitals, convention centers, warehouses, large retail malls, airports, office buildings and more. 

Its extremely quiet operation further promotes daytime cleaning. The Liberty SC50 is equipped with a quiet mode that keeps the sound to 60 dBA for noise sensitive environments.

The Liberty SC50 can work continuously for up to six hours on a single charge. Allowing the Liberty to work alongside your employees can enable you to redistribute workers to other cleaning tasks. 

Allowing robotic cleaning equipment to work in conjunction with your staff not only increases worker productivity but can improve the consistency and thoroughness of cleaning procedures. 

Final Thoughts 

New technology is constantly being developed to increase worker efficiency and simplify processes, and that is no different in the janitorial services industry.

Investing in one or all of these equipment innovations can help you enjoy several benefits including increased worker productivity and labor savings. 

With these innovations, staff will be able to perform tasks more easily and complete more work during a shift, allowing you to recoup your initial investment from labor savings and greater productivity. 

If you are interested in learning more about these new innovations, would like a demo, or are ready to buy, contact an Account Executive

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