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By: Dan Carr on February 21st, 2020

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Clarke® Vantage 14 Micro Scrubber Review

Whether you’re a small facility looking to upgrade from the standard mop and bucket, or a large facility that needs to reach into tight areas, integrating a small scrubber into your cleaning routine will help enhance the look of your floor, improve hygiene, and boost worker productivity.

As you search for the best auto floor scrubber to clean and maintain your facility’s floors, you will likely realize that there are several different models available.

Each autoscrubber offers a range of different features and benefits, and choosing the best one for your needs can be confusing.

To help you narrow down the options, we shared a list of the 5 best upright and micro autoscrubbers of 2020 and that list includes the Clarke® Vantage 14.

What makes the Clarke® Vantage 14 micro floor scrubber one of the best autoscrubbers?

This compact, battery operated machine is equipped with a patented rotating deck that enables scrubbing and water pickup in both forward and reverse. This feature enables workers to complete small area floor scrubbing procedures extremely efficiently. Unlike other micro scrubbers, the user can easily clean up against wall edges without making multiple passes.

In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the Clarke® Vantage 14 micro floor scrubber one of the best autoscrubbers of 2020.

Clarke® Vantage 14 Micro Scrubber

Battery OperatedClarke Vantage 14 Micro Scrubber

Providing cord-free maneuverability, this 14-inch walk-behind, battery-powered scrubber allows the user to reach beyond the length of a cord.

When an operator has to move the cord from outlet to outlet, it reduces worker productivity. Cord-electric scrubbers also require the operator to carefully maneuver around the cord, mindful not to trip or run over the cord.

Eliminating lost productivity and the safety concerns of a cord, the Clarke® Vantage 14 autoscrubber allows the user to clean floors more efficiently.

Increased Run Time

Powered by a maintenance-free battery, the Clarke® Vantage 14 offers up to 100 minutes of scrubbing on a single charge. Compared to other micro scrubbers on our list, this battery micro scrubber provides the longest run time.

On-Board Battery Charger

The Clarke® Vantage 14 micro autoscrubber comes standard with an on-board battery charger. On-board chargers allow operators to conveniently recharge the batteries at any 120 Volt outlet.

Convenient charging reduces the time your staff would need to spend returning the machine to a specific charging station.

Patented Rotating Squeegee Deck

Vantage 14 Scrub Deck Low Angle1This Clarke® auto scrubber has a patented rotating deck that allows for both forward and reverse scrubbing.

To operate, the user pushes the machine forward similar to most auto scrubbers.

However, unlike other scrubbers, for backward scrubbing, the operator can simply tilt the machine onto the back wheels which triggers the squeegee deck to rotate around the floor brush. The squeegee follows the head of the machine for superior liquid recovery.

With fast and easy scrubbing and water pick-up in all directions, this scrubber will leave the floor cleaner and drier.

Increased Pad Pressure

Providing 60 pounds of downward scrub pressure, this scrubber can produce the highest downward pressure of any micro scrubber on our list. Increased brush pressure is especially important when dealing with tough stains.

Multiple Operating Modes

Vantage 14 Control Panel1For superior productivity and versatility, the Clarke® Vantage 14 is equipped with three cleaning modes to tackle any cleaning application.

Located on the handle, there is an easy-to-use control panel that the operator can use to access all of the modes.

Operating modes include:

  1. Water + Brush + Vacuum + Squeegee
  2. Water + Brush
  3. Vacuum + Brush
  4. Off

Each mode of operation activates certain features.

The first mode is scrub mode. Scrub mode activates the brush, the water flow, the vacuum, and the squeegee. It is the most popular cleaning operation setting. This setting is used for daily cleaning.

The second mode of operation is brush and water only. This mode should be used in entryways or areas with heavy, tough soils. This mode allows the machine to lay down solution and scrub. This setting does not pick up the solution, providing increased dwell times and more scrubbing passes.

The third operation setting activates the vacuum and the brush. This is used when there is a large amount of water or solution left on the floor.

Pro Tip: This setting is also useful at the end of a cleaning procedure to help remove any residual water or solution left in the brush itself.

The final mode is off.

Ergonomic Design

Equipped with large rear tires, this micro floor scrubber is easily maneuverable. Coated with non-slip rubber, the rear wheels provide increased traction and simple maneuverability.

The large wheels also aid in the easy transport of the scrubber up and down steps or ramps.

For additional comfort, the handle is height adjustable.

Brush Assisted Motion

Further reducing operator fatigue and increasing worker productivity, this micro-scrubber makes floor cleaning effortless for the user.

With the brush-assisted operation, the operator does not have to complete strenuous work. Rather, they just guide the scrubber along the best cleaning path.

Right Justified Scrub Deck

Vantage 14 Scrub Deck Bottom View2The scrub deck protrudes slightly to the right of the machine for easier edge scrubbing and enhanced cleaning along walls.

Quiet Operation

At 64 dBA, this machine can perform daytime cleaning procedures without disturbing occupants.

Safety Start Switch

To help prevent accidental startup, there is a safety start switch on the top of the machine’s handle which must be pressed before the machine will operate.

Removable Solution and Recovery Tanks

Removable without tools, the tanks can be drained and cleaned away from the machine, reducing equipment downtime and increasing worker productivity.

Removable tanks will also increase operator efficiency by allowing them to fill the tank at the nearest sink. When dealing with tanks that are not removable, finding a hose within close proximity can challenging, increasing the length of the cleaning procedure.

This autoscrubber is equipped with two 3-gallon tanks, the largest solution and recovery tanks of the micro scrubbers on our list.

Final Thoughts

Equipped with a patented rotating squeegee deck, you can reach up against walls with full water recovery. Unlike other scrubbers, you can fully remove water from the edge of walls without extra time or steps.

Adding this scrubber to your facility can shorten cleaning times and enhance your facility’s level of clean.

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. We have an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program.

Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best autoscrubber for your needs. Visit our equipment page to request more information or to contact a specialist today.

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