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By: Dan Carr on January 29th, 2020

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Clarke® MA30™ 13B Battery Micro Scrubber Review

Auto floor scrubbers are available in different sizes, models, and cleaning capacities. Selecting the best automatic floor scrubber for your business is essential to streamlining your cleaning procedures.

To help you understand some of the best options for your business, we compiled a list of the top 5 upright and micro floor scrubbers of 2021. One of the machines on that list is the Clarke MA30™ 13B battery operated auto scrubber.

What makes the Clarke® MA30™ 13B micro floor scrubber one of the best autoscrubbers? 

This compact, battery operated machine is easily maneuverable and can capture liquids and small debris while cleaning. Unlike other micro scrubbers, this Clarke®  auto scrubber has a debris tray that allows the machine to pick up and store light debris like small food particles or ice. This feature makes it a great option for  cafeterias, small retail businesses, or dining areas.

In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the Clarke® MA30™ 13B battery operated auto scrubber one of the best micro scrubbers of 2021.


Clarke® MA30™ 13B Battery Micro Scrubber

Single Cylindrical Brush

This is the only micro scrubber on our list that is equipped with a single cylindrical brush.

Cylindrical brushes are a great option for facilities that need to sweep and scrub the floor at the same time.

They also clean the grout lines of tiled floors or other uneven floor surfaces better than disc pads or brushes since the bristles can reach deeper down into grout lines.

Interchangeable Lithium Battery

Perfect for small areas, the MA30™ 13B is powered by a 36V Lithium battery that offers 40 minutes of run-time per charge.

For increased cleaning time, the battery can be easily changed out for a fresh battery if necessary.

The battery can be charged in the machine or out of the machine. However, if you choose to charge the battery in the machine, the machine can not be used while the battery is charging, similar to most scrubbers.

Multi-Directional Water Pickup Squeegee System

There are two sets of squeegee bars, one in front and one behind the scrub brush. This allows the machine to scrub in both forward and reverse with full water recovery. More complete water recovery will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.

Debris Sweeping and Capture

In a single pass, this scrubber has the ability to collect debris, scrub, and dry the floor.

MA30 13B debris  capture tray

Manufactured with a debris hopper, when the operator presses the lever on the handle, the front squeegee blade is raised and the machine captures dirt and small debris. The debris is then deposited into the debris tray until the cleaning procedures are complete.

The debris capture saves time and boosts worker productivity by reducing the need to pre-sweep before scrubbing.

For quick and easy access, the debris tray is located on the side of the scrub head. It does not require any tools to open.

Removable Tank-in-Tank System

For easy cleaning, the 1.6 gallon recovery tank and 1.6 gallon solution tank are nested within one removable tank and can be transported with the carrying handle. 

Further simplifying cleaning operations, the magnetic cover is fully removable, allowing for greater tank access during cleaning-up.

Two Solution Flow Settings

Double Solution Flow Light

For increased flexibility, this Clarke® micro scrubber has two solution flow settings.

The heavier setting ensures maximum pressure and solution flow for effective cleaning of tough stains and maximum worker productivity.

Indicator Lights

For machine safety as well as effective cleaning, this micro floor scrubber is equipped with a low solution and battery level indicator light. Both lights help prevent machine damage.

Adjustable Handle

Handle height is adjustable and can be put in a free-float setting to accommodate cleaning around and under obstructions.

One-Touch™ Scrub Function Activation With Capacitive Start Switch

There is a color-coded scrub on/off switch located on the operator handle to activate the scrub system. 

When switched on, after the operator touches the handle, it automatically activates the scrub head, brush, and the water. When the handle is released, the scrub head, brush, and water automatically turn off. 

This design is simple and provides greater reliability when compared to the traditional scrubber that is equipped with a mechanical switch and levers to activate scrub features. This is the only scrubber on our list with capacitive start, or the ability to turn on when the handles are grasped.

Quiet Operation

At 66 dBA, this machine can perform daytime cleaning procedures without disturbing occupants. Although it is not the quietest scrubber available, it’s noise output is less than that of a normal conversation.

MA30 13B accessories


Various brush types are available to best address different surfaces and debris.  

Easy Maintenance 

The brush can be removed for cleaning or replacement without the use of any tools. Many other autoscrubbers will require tools to remove the brush.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

This scrubber is lightweight and can be carried or rolled into the area being cleaned.

A carry handle is built into the operator handle for easy transport. For easy rolling, the Clarke® MA30™ 13B has a parking pedal which, when unlocked, lifts the brush and squeegee system off the floor.

This feature reduces the risk of floor damage and scuff marks by allowing only the wheels to touch the floor during transport.

Final Thoughts

The best auto floor scrubber for your business will enable your staff to be the most productive in your facility.

Offering increased flexibility and maneuverability with the ability to capture and store debris, the Clarke® MA30™ 13B micro floor scrubber is a good option for small retail businesses or foodservice operations. 

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Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best autoscrubber for your needs. Visit our equipment page to contact a specialist.

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