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By: Dan Carr on August 10th, 2020

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Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ Ride On Autoscrubber Review

Automatic floor scrubbers are one of the most popular pieces of janitorial cleaning equipment. 

There are several different manufacturers and models of floor scrubbers available on the market today. Choosing the best one for your facility will likely come down to the available features on a machine that will make it the most productive and effective in your facility.  

So, how do you choose the best automatic floor scrubber for your facility when there are so many choices? 

We previously shared a list of the 6 best stand on and ride on floor scrubbers of 2020 based on available features and benefits to help you narrow down your options. One of the automatic scrubbers on that list was the Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™.

What makes the Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ one of the best ride-on  automatic floor scrubbers of 2020?

The Clarke Focus® II Micro Ride On is one of the most versatile ride-on floor scrubbers. It can be purchased as either a disc or orbital machine. 

On both models, it offers a large cleaning path and high brush and pad speeds, helping to shorten cleaning times and reduce chemical and water usage.

It also offers multiple pad pressure settings. 

In this article and video, we provide a comprehensive review of the Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ to help you further understand your options. 

Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ Floor Scrubber Specifications and Review

Battery Operated 

This Clarke ride-on scrubber is battery operated and great for facilities that require a floor scrubber to reach beyond the length of a cord. 

Typical cord lengths range from 50 ft to 75 ft, restricting the operator to these distances and requiring them to move the cord from outlet to outlet. 

By eliminating the need to manage the cord or stay within reach of an outlet, this battery powered scrubber greatly increases worker productivity.

With a maximum run time of 3.5 hours, this scrubber is ideal for medium to large facilities. Focus II MicroRider Disc Batteries

On-Board Battery Charger

Equipped with an on-board battery charger, the Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ can be charged at any 120V outlet.

Pro Tip: When any autoscrubber is plugged into an on-board battery charger, it can not be operated.

Although it is convenient, staff should not charge the battery every time they have the opportunity to. This is otherwise known as “opportunity charging”. You should always charge machine batteries to 100% including cool down time before operating the machine. Opportunity charging will overheat the battery and will shorten the life of the battery.

Ride-On Machine 

When compared to walk-behind and stand-on scrubbers, ride-on scrubbers, like the Clarke Micro Rider, are the most productive. 

Requiring minimal operator effort, they control this scrubber from a seat on top of the machine. Using a steering wheel and fingertip control buttons, the machine is easily maneuvered. 

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Multiple Scrub Head Types

The Focus® II MicroRider™ is available as either a disc or orbital scrubber. 

The most common type of scrub heads are disc scrubbers. They spin round pads or brushes in a circular motion to clean floors. Clarke Focus II MicroRider BOOST 28in Autoscrubber

On the other hand, orbital scrubbers “orbit” or move in fast, tight vibrations to clean the floor. 

Clarke’s version of orbital scrubbing is known as BOOST® technology. BOOST® orbital scrub heads ensure uniform pad pressure in the front and back for consistent cleaning results across the entire floor. 

They also reduce water usage by 70% and in some cases eliminate chemical usage. 

Using BOOST® technology, you can take several coats of finish off of the floor using just water. Eliminating chemicals from floor stripping procedures greatly increases worker productivity and safety (there is no risk of slip and falls from the chemical). 

Large Cleaning Path

Both the disc and orbital version of this machine provide some of the largest cleaning paths offered by any of the scrubbers on our list

When purchased as a disc machine, it will have a 26-inch cleaning path. If purchased as an orbital machine, it will be equipped with a 28-inch cleaning path. 

The difference in size comes from the shape of the pad. If purchased as a disc machine the floor pad will be round, but if purchased as a BOOST® machine the floor pad will be rectangular. This does not change the shape of the machine, just the scrub head attachment.

A large cleaning path will allow your staff to cover more area on each pass, ultimately requiring them to complete fewer passes to clean the floor. Reducing the amount of passes they have to make will shorten cleaning times and allow them to spend time performing other cleaning tasks. 

Large Solution and Recovery Tanks 

To limit the need to stop and empty the tanks, this ride on scrubber is equipped with a 21 gallon solution tank and a 21 gallon recovery tank.

Focus II MicroRider recovery tank open

This large tank gives the operator over 60 minutes of scrub time per tank. 

With the BOOST version, you can clean up to two hours. The machine uses 70% less water, therefore extending cleaning times and increasing worker productivity. 

Two Pad Pressure Settings 

Floors will likely be affected by a variety of soils, stains, scuff marks, and other substances. Some will be tougher to remove than others, and it's important that a scrubber is able to perform a variety of procedures. 

The Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ scrubber has two pad pressure settings, high and low, which enables this scrubber to tackle anything from light soil removal to restorative scrubbing. 

To tackle light soils or for daily cleaning, the low pressure setting outputs 65 pounds of pressure. However, if you are dealing with tougher stains or need to perform heavy duty cleaning, the high setting will deliver 105 pounds of pad pressure.

Increasing the pad pressure will allow the machine to more quickly and easily remove soils so that the operator does not have to spend extra time in the affected area. 

SafetyGlide™ Deck 

This feature eliminates water streaks and ensures superior water recovery.

The SafetyGlide™ deck automatically shifts to align the rear squeegee with the pad. 

This feature works in conjunction with the steering wheel. As you turn the steering wheel, the deck aligns with the path of the rear squeegee resulting in 100% water pickup. 

Other floor scrubbers are prone to leaving water and solution behind on turns because the squeegee is not inline with the deck at all times. 

Additionally, the SafetyGlide™ Deck provides an added layer of machine protection. To avoid machine damage, the deck slides inward if it hits an object or wall while cleaning.

Right-Justified Deck

The deck also protrudes slightly to the right and ensures the machine can safely reach deep into edges, eliminating the need for labor-intensive detail mopping after floor scrubbing.

Quiet Mode 

Similar to other features on this machine, the vacuum is adjustable to match the task at hand. 

When on high, the machine operates at a high RPM (rotations per minute) and the vacuum produces a sound level of 65 dBA which can be loud and cause disruption. 

When dealing with tough stains or grouted floors the high power vacuum setting is the best choice. 

This scrubber can be run on quiet mode which reduces noise irritation by 

reducing the sound level to 61 dBA. Lightly soiled and smooth floors would be ideal to utilize the quiet mode setting. 

Focus II MicroRider control panelSafe-T-Steering™

To protect the operator and minimize the risk of machine damage, the machine automatically reduces its speed when turning so that it does not tip over.  

On-Board Chemical Mixing 

Available as an option, an on-board chemical mixing system can be purchased with this autoscrubber. This feature ensures precise mixing of water and chemicals for the cleaning application at hand. 

With on-board chemical mixing, the operator has the ability to dispense a more highly concentrated solution to remove difficult stains. However, if you are simply performing a daily scrub, a dial on the dashboard can be used to reduce the solution’s concentration to save chemical and provide for more sustainable cleaning.

Final Thoughts 

Rated as one of the best stand on floor scrubbers of 2020, the Clarke Focus® II Micro Rider™ is extremely versatile and allows the operator to adjust multiple settings for improved cleaning results. 

Its large cleaning path and recovery tank, paired with its long run time, make this scrubber a great choice for large facilities wanting to clean their space as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If desired, this machine can also help you meet sustainability goals by lowering water and chemical usage through its BOOST® technology or with the addition of the on-board chemical mixing system.  

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Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best autoscrubber for your needs. Visit our site to learn more or to request a demo.

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