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By: Dan Carr on May 13th, 2020

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Clarke® CA30™ 20B Compact Auto Floor Scrubber Review

As you search for the best automatic floor scrubber to maintain your facility’s floors, you will likely realize that there are several different models available. Each auto scrubber offers several unique features and benefits.

Selecting the best automatic floor scrubber for your facility will be based on your facility’s size and budget.

To help you narrow down the options, we shared a list of the best walk behind floor scrubbers of 2022 and that list includes the Clarke® CA30™ 20B.

What makes the Clarke® CA30™ 20B one of the best auto scrubbers of 2022?

The Clarke® CA30™ 20B automatic scrubber is the smallest walk-behind machine on our list. This 20-inch disc scrubber is compact and able to fit in tight areas. This scrubber has a small turn radius allowing it to fit in small hallways or aisles.

This battery operated machine is great for facilities up to 7,000 square feet. The Clarke® CA30™ 20B also offers the highest rotations per minute (rpms) when compared to the other walk-behind scrubbers on our list.

In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of some of the features and benefits that make the Clarke® CA30™ 20B auto scrubber one of the best walk behind automatic scrubbers of 2022.

Clarke® CA30™ 20B Auto Scrubber Review

CA30 20B OL LtBattery Operated

Offering cord-free maneuverability, this battery operated auto scrubber is powered by maintenance free batteries.

This machine comes with sealed AGM batteries that are safe to be charged in any area.

With a battery powered floor scrubber, your staff can clean faster without having to worry about keeping the floor scrubber plugged into the nearest outlet.

On-Board Charger

Equipped with an on-board charger, the Clarke® CA30™ 20B can be charged at any 120V outlet. Staff will not have to return the floor scrubber to a specific area or docking station to be charged. The ability to charge the machine at any location increases convenience and worker productivity.

However, batteries should only be charged when necessary. Opportunity charging or charging the batteries before they need to be charged will negatively affect the life of the batteries.

Pro Tip: When any auto scrubber is plugged into an on-board battery charger, it can not be operated.


Pad Assist

Using pad assist, this machine dramatically reduces worker fatigue and allows workers to get more done during a shift.

Pad assist means that as the machine scrubs the floor, the floor pad will actually help to pull the machine along.

Increased RPMs

The Clarke® CA30™ 20B 20-inch disc scrubber rotates at 160 rotations per minute (rpms).

This is the fastest of the disc walk-behind floor scrubbers on our list. The faster the pad rotates the better the scrubber can clean floors.

Right Justified Scrub Deck

For enhanced cleaning along walls, the scrub deck has wheels on top of the pad head assembly and protrudes slightly to the right of the machine.

The wheels control how close you get to the wall and guide the machine along wall edges without damage.


For use on any floor type, this automatic floor scrubber can be paired with either a floor pad or floor brush.

Floor pads are great for use on flat, even floors while floor brushes can tackle harder to reach areas and uneven floors like grout.

CA30 20B Control PanelErgonomic Machine Controls

Built with large activation buttons on the handle, the user simply grips the floor scrubber’s handle and the machine will operate.

Ergonomic controls help reduce operator fatigue and boost worker productivity.

Fingertip Controls

Further improving ease of use, there are three main machine controls which are located on the center top of the machine. The three switch control panel powers the machine, operates the vacuum, and controls the water and brush.

Simple controls make it easy for any user to be quickly trained on how to properly use the machine.

Large Recovery Tank Opening

CA30 20B Solution Tank Above

The Clarke® CA30™ 20B has both a 10.5 gallon solution and recovery tank.

The recovery tank has a large opening on the top of the machine for easy cleaning and maintenance. The recovery tank should be cleaned after every use to avoid mold and odor.

Easy access to the tank allows workers to quickly clean it. Thorough cleaning will also reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth which would require additional attention from custodial staff.

Pro Tip: While this machine is charging, you can leave the tanks open to dry out, further reducing the possibility of mold and bacteria growth.


Automatic Shut Off

To prevent motor damage, there is a float shut off located in the solution recovery tank. When the solution recovery tank becomes full, the float will rise, and the machine will shut off to prevent any water or solution overflowing into the motor.

Curved Squeegee

CA30 20B Rear LtFor superior water pickup the Clarke® CA30™ 20B has a curved squeegee that extends around the entire rear of the machine.

The wraparound squeegee collects water in forward, reverse, and on turns, for improved water recovery. The more water that is recovered on each pass, the less passes your staff will have to make, shortening cleaning times and improving worker productivity.

The squeegee on this machine is designed to breakaway or slide off the assembly if the squeegee becomes caught or hits an obstruction. This feature protects it from costly damage.

Easy Maintenance

Common service tasks such as removing the squeegee blades and changing the floor brush can be done without any tools. Many other auto scrubbers will require tools to perform these maintenance tasks.

Final Thoughts

Automatic floor scrubbers can be a great addition to any commercial facility. They can enhance the level of clean, improve worker productivity, and shorten cleaning times.

Engineered to withstand heavy daily use in commercial facilities, the Clarke® CA30™ 20B will enable your staff to be highly productive. Its compact size and small turn radius make it perfect for facilities who want to be productive within tight areas like aisles.

Providing 2-3 hours of run time and utilizing a 20-inch pad deck this automatic scrubber is a great addition for small to medium sized facilities.

If you're located in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean, EBP and other Imperial Dade locations have a wide selection of janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program.

Contact our EBP Specialists for help deciding if the Clarke® CA30™ 20B is the right fit for your facility. If you're not sure if this is the best floor scrubber for you, we can also help you learn more about other floor scrubbers that might best fit your needs.

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