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By: Dan Carr on March 27th, 2021

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The 2 Best Commercial Floor Buffers of 2021 [VIDEO]

Adding a commercial floor buffer to your facility’s cleaning and maintenance program will increase worker productivity, improve cleaning results, and extend the life of your floor.

So how do you choose the best commercial floor buffer when there are many different brands, sizes, motor types, and other features?



To help you narrow down the choices, we selected the best two commercial floor buffers of 2021:

  1. Viper Venom™ 1715 & 2015
  2. TASKI® ergodisc® 200 & 175

  Viper Venom™1715 & 2015

TASKI® ergodisc® 200 & 175

Gearbox Triple Planetary Belt Driven Unit
(No gearbox)
Pad/Brush Speed 175 rpm 200 rpm | 175 rpm
Sound Level 63 dBA 57 dBA
Weight  101 lbs | 109 lbs 75 lbs | 93 lbs
Motor 1.5 hp 800 w | 1100 w

5 Year 

2-year parts

Power Cable 50 ft 49 ft
Manufacturer Nilfisk  Diversey 
Dual Speed Model Available  Not Available

1. Viper Venom 1715 & 2015 Floor Buffer

The Viper Venom ™ 1715 is the 17-inch buffer and the Viper Venom ™ 2015 is the 20-inch buffer. Viper Venom 20in Floor Buffer VN2015

Pro Tip: This buffer is also available in a dual speed model. Dual speed floor buffers are best used in facilities that still use spray buffing procedures. This buffer gives you the ability to operate the machine at higher speeds (330/185 rpm) to produce a better shine. 

The Viper Venom ™ 1715 and the Viper Venom ™ 2015 is similar in price to the Clarke CFP Pro® 17 & 20 HD, respectively.

Deck Size

The Viper Venom ™ is available in either a 17-inch or 20-inch deck.  The most common size is a 20-inch deck, but depending on the size of the area being cleaned you may only need a 17-inch cleaning path.

If you are cleaning a larger facility, a wider cleaning path will allow you to cover more ground on each pass.

Rotations Per Minute (RPM)

The Venom™ is a low-speed floor machine. Both the Viper Venom™ 1715 and the 2015 run at 175 rotations per minute.

Power Source

The Viper Venom™ is cord-electric. It has a 50 ft yellow power cord.


This swing-machine has a 1.5 horsepower (hp) motor. The higher the horsepower, the more power the buffer will have to rotate the floor pad.

The Venom™ has a 66 frame motor. It is built for heavy-duty usage. The 66 frame motor delivers high rpm, starting torque, and brush/pad drive power for floor buffers. These motors are durable and long-lasting. 

The motor is centered and directly on top of the machine. When the motor is centered it is evenly balanced and does not require the operator to offset the balance. 

This machine is equipped with a start and run capacitor.  A start and run capacitor moderates the amount of amps being drawn from the wall. This is an important feature because it allows you to run a powerful machine without breaking a circuit. 


Triple Planetary gearbox VN175-3 Part PhotoThe Viper Venom™ floor buffer contains a solid-steel triple planetary gearbox that allows it to run smoothly and last longer than a single or double planetary gearbox.

Pro Tip: Commercial floor buffers can have single, double, or triple planetary gearboxes. The gearbox provides power and stability. Triple planetary gearboxes provide the best torque and balance control. Single or double planetary gearboxes do not fully balance power across the gearbox and are not as good as a triple planetary gearbox.

Noise Level

The Viper Venom™ floor buffer operates at 63 dBA, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation. Its quiet operation allows it to be operated during the day without disturbing occupants.


With this floor machine, you get a 5-year warranty. The warranty does not cover the replacement of expendable wear items such as scrub brushes, pad holders, carbon motor brushes, bulbs, bags, filters and various rubber/plastic parts.

Interested in learning more about the Viper Venom™? Check out this review.


2. TASKI® ergodisc® 175 & 200

This is the most expensive of the two machines. This is a good choice if you are going to be Taski Ergodisc 200 - 20in Floor Machineperforming both hard and carpeted floor procedures

The ergodisc ® is especially suited for wet shampooing carpets. The machine can be paired with a solution tank and brush that evenly distribute chemical solution through the center of the machine. The solution is distributed equally around the brush bristles where it is agitated into a foam to wet shampoo the carpet.

Deck Size

The ergodisc® comes in a 17-inch and 20-inch single-disc machine.

Rotations Per Minute (RPM)

This commercial floor buffer rotates the floor pad at 175 (20-inch) and 200 (17-inch) revolutions per minute to efficiently maintain hard or carpeted floors.

Power Source

The ergodisc® is cord-electric and comes equipped with a yellow power cord that is 49 feet long.


The TASKI® ergodisc® is a low-speed machine that is belt-driven. The motor drives a belt which in turn spins the floor brush.

Unlike a machine with a gearbox, the motor is offset to the side of the machine causing it to be less balanced. To operate a belt driven unit, the operator must make up for the imbalance of the motor, causing the operator to work harder. 

Pro Tip: Belt driven units can require more maintenance than gearbox operated buffers. Belts can become worn and slip, increasing the likelihood of machine downtime and lower worker productivity. 

Noise Level

This is the quietest of the two machines. It has the lowest noise and vibration levels to help minimize interruptions during daytime cleaning procedures. It operates at 57 dBA, which is equivalent to the sound of an electric toothbrush. Warranty


The ergodisc® has a 2-year warranty on parts. The warranty on this machine does not cover wear and tear parts such as gaskets, brushes, drive belts, accessories, and filters.

Learn more about the TASKI erogdisc® 175 and 200 floor buffer here. 

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Final Thoughts

Still not sure which commercial floor buffer is best for your business?

If you’re looking for a cheaper, heavy duty machine the Clarke or Viper will be the better options. If you’re looking for a machine that can perform a variety of cleaning tasks on hard and carpeted floors, the ergodisc® is a good option. 

Selecting the best floor buffer for your business based on your budget and needs can be challenging. If you have a question about a floor buffer or need help selecting the best one for your facility, let an EBP Equipment Specialist help. 

EBP has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. 

Our Team begins by understanding your needs and desired outcomes so we can suggest the best equipment choices for you. We guide you through the decision-making process to ensure you make the right purchase.    

After the purchase, our Team provides delivery, set-up, and in-service training. EBP also offers customized maintenance programs to ensure you get the most out of your equipment investment. 

If you are still not sure about which floor buffer is the best option for your facility or have a question about commercial floor buffers, let an EBP Account Executive help.

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