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By: Dan Carr on June 18th, 2020

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Advance SC1500 Autoscrubber Review

There are several different types of automatic floor scrubbers available on the market. As you search for the best automatic floor scrubber to maintain your facility’s floors, you will likely realize that each floor scrubber offers its own unique features and benefits.

Selecting the best floor scrubber based on your facility's budget and needs can be challenging. The best auto floor scrubber for your business will enable your staff to be the most productive in the space being cleaned.

To help you select the right autoscrubber for your facility, we shared a list of the best stand on and ride on floor scrubbers of 2021 and that list includes the Advance® SC1500™.

What makes the Advance® SC1500™ one of the best stand-on automatic floor scrubbers of 2021?

The Advance® SC1500™ is the only stand-on scrubber on our list that can be purchased with Ecoflex™ Technology.

This 20-inch, stand-on scrubber is small, and is designed for use in small to medium-sized facilities like schools and stores.

Ecoflex™ allows you to easily control the vacuum system, the amount of chemical, water flow, and pad pressure.

Additionally, the Advance® SC1500™ is extremely versatile and can be paired with either a disc scrub head or orbital scrub head.

Below, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the Advance® SC1500™ autoscrubber one of the best stand on floor scrubbers of 2021.

Advance® SC1500™ Autoscrubber Review

Battery Operated

Like other stand-on floor scrubbers, the Advance® SC1500™ is battery operated.

Battery powered automatic scrubbers are extremely mobile and do not need to be in constant reach of an outlet, boosting worker productivity.Advance SC1500 auto floor scrubber

On-Board Battery Charger

Every Advance® SC1500™ autoscrubber comes standard with an on-board battery charger.

On-board battery chargers allow the operator to conveniently charge the machine at any 120V outlet, saving staff the time of returning the machine to a specific charging area.

Pro Tip: When any autoscrubber is plugged into an on-board battery charger, it can not be operated.


The Advance® SC1500™ can be purchased with either a disc or REV™ scrubbing head.

Disc scrubbers rotate in full circles and can be paired with a variety of floor pads or a floor brush. With the right floor pad an autoscrubber can be used to polish, scrub, or strip the floor.

REV™ technology is Advance’s exclusive random orbital scrubbing technology.

Unlike disc machines that rotate and require cleaning chemicals, orbital scrub heads “orbit” or move in fast, tight vibrations while rotating at the same time. Orbital scrubbing can reduce water usage by 70% and eliminate the need for chemicals.

When paired with the SPP (surface preparation pad) pad, orbital machines can also be used for chemical-free floor stripping.

EcoFlex™ System

Different floor types, facilities, and cleaning procedures will require a different blend of pad pressure, water, and detergent to efficiently and effectively clean floors.

The EcoFlex™ System allows the operator to toggle between varying degrees of downward pressure and water flow rates.

Four popular modes in the EcoFlex™ system include water only, ultra-low detergent, standard detergent, and burst of power.

1. Water Only

This mode is great for low-traffic areas, or areas where there is minimal soil on the surface. This mode eliminates the use of cleaning detergents, helping to lower cleaning costs and boost sustainability.

advance SC1500 autoscrubber ecoflex button

2. Ultra-Low Detergent

Perfect for routine cleaning, this mode easily tackles light soils and stains. The chemical is dispensed into the water, so the user can control the detergent flow rate based on the cleaning task.

3. Standard Detergent

This mode uses the standard combination of pad pressure, detergent and water flow for effective removal of increased soil buildup or stain removal.

4. Burst of Power

To remove deep stains or for restorative cleaning, EcoFlex’s burst of power mode increases the machine's pad pressure, detergent, and water flow rate for 60 seconds then returns to the previous setting.

Multiple Pad Pressures

The SC1500 offers two scrub pressures: high and low.

This machine delivers 51 pounds at low scrub pressure, whereas high scrub pressure delivers 88 lbs of pressure.

The ability to toggle between scrub pressures allows this machine to easily tackle a variety of soils and surfaces.

Low scrub pressure is used for daily cleaning. High scrub pressure is used when performing heavy-duty scrubbing, finish removal, restorative cleaning, or uneven surfaces.

One Touch™ Scrub Activation

Enabling the user to quickly and easily operate the machine.

When the operator steps onto the foot pedals the machine begins to drive. Then, to activate the scrub head, brush, and water system the operator must push the one-touch color-coded scrub on/off button located on the operator dashboard.

Right Justified Scrub Deck

The scrub deck protrudes slightly to the right of the machine for enhanced cleaning along walls.

The positioning of the cleaning deck increases the operator's ability to clean all the way into corners and back out, all while fully capturing the dirty water and solution.

Debris Capture

Manufactured with a debris hopper in the recovery tank, this floor scrubber has the ability to collect small debris while scrubbing the floor.SC1500 large solution and recovery tank

The debris hopper catches small debris to prevent clogged drain hoses. The debris is then deposited into the debris tray until the cleaning procedure is complete.

Quiet Mode

In quiet mode the scrubber vacuum operates at a lower speed for reduced noise level. Normally operating at 65 dBA, quiet operation reduces the sound level to 63 dBA.

This scrubber is extremely quiet and can be used for daytime cleaning without the risk of disturbing occupants.

A noise level of 63 dBA is quieter than the sound of a normal conversation.

Simple Controls

advance SC1500 control panel

For easy operation, this auto floor scrubber has an LCD display that clearly shows the current status of the machine.

On the display, the user can see if the vacuum is on/off, the amount of brush pressure, and the water and detergent flow rate.

Wrap Around Squeegee

Providing superior water and solution recovery, the SC1500 has a urethane wraparound squeegee.

Urethane blades provide increased moisture removal from uneven surfaces. They are also extremely durable and resistant to most chemicals and oils.

The squeegee blade sits directly behind the floor pad, ensuring maximum water pick up on each pass. The more water that is removed from the floor, the lower the likelihood of occupant slips and falls.

Motor Protection

To prevent motor damage, there is a float ball in the solution recovery tank.

As the tank fills up, the ball rises. When the solution recovery tank becomes full, the float ball will prevent any water or solution overflowing into the motor.

Easy Maintenance

The operator can make adjustments to the Advance® SC1500™ without any tools to ensure continued optimal performance.

Common service tasks include removing the squeegee blades and changing the floor brush. Many other autoscrubbers will require tools to perform these maintenance tasks.

Final Thoughts

The Advance® SC1500™ is extremely versatile and easy to use. This machine can be paired with either a disc or orbital scrub head. It also has multiple pad pressures as well as water and chemical flow rates to tackle any cleaning procedure.

The Advance® SC1500™ floor scrubber offers simple operation with control of all the features like adjustable brush pressure, detergent and solution flow, and vacuum on/off through the use of a button on the LCD screen.

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years.

EBP has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your floor care program.

If you are ready to invest in the Advance SC1500, or have a question about this or any other floor scrubber,  visit our equipment page to let an EBP Account Executive help. 

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