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By: Dan Carr on January 29th, 2020

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Advance SC100 Upright Automatic Floor Scrubber: Equipment Review

Integrating an auto floor scrubber into your cleaning routine will help enhance the look of your floor, improve hygiene, and boost worker productivity.

The Advance SC100 upright scrubber is the perfect automatic floor scrubber for facilities with tight spaces or if you are looking to upgrade from the traditional mop and bucket. Unlike some of the larger floor scrubbers, this machine is compact, lightweight, and easily maneuverable.

In this article and video, we will go over the features and additional options that make the Advance SC100 upright scrubber one of our top-rated auto floor scrubbers of 2020.


Advance – SC100 Upright Scrubber 

Standard Specifications

Listed below are the standard specs included with every Advance SC100 upright scrubber.

Single Cylindrical Brush

This is a cylindrical brush auto floor scrubber that turns at 2100 RPM to effectively clean the grout lines of tiled floors or other rough surfaces. The bristles can reach deep down into the grout lines better than a disc pad or brush for a noticeably cleaner result. 

Brushes can help reduce the amount of time it takes to clean grouted or uneven floors, boosting worker productivity and lowering labor costs. 


advance SC100 cord electric scrubber

The SC100 offers continuous runtime as long as the machine is plugged into a power source, and the tank is being emptied. 

Similar in length to most cord electric autoscrubbers, the power cord is 33 ft long. 

For quick service and maintenance, the power cord is easily detachable. 

Removable Tanks

The SC100 is equipped with a 1-gallon recovery and .8-gallon solution tank. The solution tank will only dispense clean water, unlike traditional mop and buckets. 

The SC100 has about a 16 minute run time per tank. 

Both tanks are easily removable so that the operator can fill and empty tanks separate from the machine. Other machines without removable tanks, will require a hose to fill tanks which can be time-consuming. Hoses can sometimes be hard to find or inconveniently located.

Multi-Directional Water Pickup Squeegee System

The brush has a vacuumized thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) squeegee system in the front and in the back which allows the machine to pick up water in both forward and reverse. 

Advance SC100 upright floor scrubber

The ability to move forward and in reverse will give your custodial staff worry-free performance. They won’t have to consistently move in one direction and in the same cleaning path. 

Right Justified Scrub Deck 

The scrub deck protrudes slightly to the right of the machine for enhanced cleaning along walls. 

The combination of the extended cleaning deck and front positioned cleaning brush increases the operator's ability to clean all the way into corners and back out, all while fully capturing the dirty water and solution. 

Low Profile

This machine has a cleaning clearance of under 4 inches.

With its narrow and low profile design, this machine is able to easily access tight areas, like under bathroom stalls, on stairs and between desks/chairs, where other larger auto scrubbers traditionally struggle to fit.  

Double Scrubbing

Sometimes floors will need extra passes to remove tough dirt and stains.  

Equipped with double scrubbing, this machine allows the operator to easily make multiple scrubbing passes over the floor without having to reapply and remove the solution each time.

Unlike other auto floor scrubbers, when activated, double scrubbing lifts the scrubber’s squeegee from the floor to allow the machine to only perform the scrubbing action and not solution removal. By leaving the solution on the floor, the machine saves chemical and time. 

Out of Solution LED Indicator 

The machine is equipped with an LED indicator light that will show red when the machine is out of solution. An easy to see light helps the operator avoid using the machine once the solution runs out. 

Additional Options

In this section, we outline the additional accessories that can be purchased as upgrades for the traditional Advance SC100.

SC100 handle

Two-Hand Grip 

With the option to replace the standard handle, the two-handle design is extremely ergonomic and allows the operator to move the machine with one or two hands, similar to an upright vacuum. 

With simplified maneuverability, the operator will be able to complete floor scrubbing more quickly and with less effort. 

Carpet Care Kit 

The SC100 is versatile and lets you remove carpet spots without the need to exchange your scrubber for a carpet extractor.

With the addition of the carpet spotting kit, the brush and squeegee can be removed and replaced to spot clean carpets. Operators can easily interchange parts without any tools, helping to shorten the time it takes workers to switch between carpeted and hard floor cleaning procedures.  advance SC100 off-aisle wand and hose kit

Being able to quickly perform two cleaning tasks with the same machine will boost worker productivity, lowering overall labor costs.

Off-Aisle Wand

The wand is attached to the back corner of the machine and is operated like a vacuum hose. This is a great tool for reaching in tight corners of the wall where debris known to buildup.An off-aisle wand is an important add-on that allows the operator to reach tight cracks and crevices without having to switch machines, saving time and increasing worker productivity.

Final Thoughts

Similar in size to a mop and bucket, this machine is a great replacement to the traditional mop and bucket, and you won’t require additional space to store this machine.

With a single pass, this scrubber will scrub and dry the floor, quickly removing dirt and water, rather than spreading it around like a mop. The Advance SC100 will also help you decrease the chances of slip-and-fall accidents while creating a cleaner, more hygienic environment in less time. If needed, it will allow you to perform multiple scrubbing passes.

Equipped with a single cylindrical brush, it is great on grouted or tile floors. This auto floor scrubber is also easy to use, extremely maneuverable, lightweight, and highly productive.

If you think this is the best autoscrubber for your facility, visit our equipment page.

For larger facilities, a machine with a greater runtime per tank can offer increased productivity. Take a look at some of the larger autoscrubbers on our list of top-rated upright and micro auto floor scrubbers of 2020.

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