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By: Dan Carr on November 5th, 2019

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Advance BU800™ Floor Burnisher: An In-Depth Review [VIDEO]

Choosing between several different walk-behind burnishers can be challenging, especially when some of the machines offer many of the same features and benefits.

To help you narrow down your choices, we compared the top 5 burnishers of 2021 in a previous article.

The Advance BU800™ made it on the list of the top-rated floor burnishers of 2021. It offers some key benefits that make it the best choice for medium to large facilities.

In this article, we’ll review what makes the Advance BU800™ one of the best floor burnishers of 2021.

Advance BU800™ Floor Burnisher

Battery Operated

Out of all of our top-rated burnishers of 2021, this is the only battery operated, walk-behind burnisher.

Providing cord-free maneuverability, this 20-inch walk-behind, battery-powered burnisher allows you to reach beyond the length of a cord. When an operator has to move the cord from outlet to outlet, it reduces worker productivity.

BU800 BatteriesCorded burnishers also require the operator to carefully maneuver around the cord, mindful not to run or trip over the cord. The Advance BU800™ allows you to burnish without the lost productivity and safety concerns of a cord.

It is powered by three 234 amp hour (AH) batteries which provide up to 3 hours of burnishing time.

On-Board Battery Charger

The BU800™ comes standard with an on-board battery charger. On-board chargers allow operators to easily recharge the batteries at any 120 Volt outlet. Convenient charging reduces the time your staff would need to spend returning the machine to a specific charging station.


Advance BU800 20in This is the most powerful walk-behind burnisher when compared to the other burnishers on our list.

It is equipped with a 2.5 horsepower (hp) motor, where the other walk-behind burnishers only have a 1.5 hp motor. Increased power helps deliver a quicker shine.

Traction Drive Or Non-Traction Drive

The Advance BU800™ can be purchased with non-traction or traction drive.

Non-traction drive is good for even, flat floor areas or for operators who like full control over the movement of the machine.

Traction drive has two motors, one for driving or directing the machine and one for controlling the pad. The operator sets a specific speed for the entire floor burnishing procedure. Once the speed is set, the burnisher moves itself.

Traction drive is perfect for floors that have ramps or for operators who may require additional assistance to move the floor burnisher. Additionally, it helps control the pace at which the operator moves. Traveling at a consistent speed allows the burnisher to create an even shine across the entire floor.

Traction drive does not require the operator to push the machine along, helping reduce operator fatigue.

Traction drive is more expensive than non-traction drive but the increased productivity can off-set the initial costs. When your staff can achieve desired burnishing results quicker and with less fatigue, they can complete other cleaning tasks.

Double-Pivot Pad-Driver Design

Achieve a more consistent gloss with the BU800’s updated double pivot, pad-driver design. The double-pivot pad-driver allows the burnishing pad to actively follow contours on the floor while keeping the pad in alignment.

With this machine, the whole pad deck levels front-to-back and side-to-side, providing full pad contact. Traditionally, dips in the floor would cause users to have to make an additional pass with the burnisher to achieve an even shine. Because the pad actively adjusts to the floor contours, your staff will see a consistent shine on each pass.

When your staff can complete burnishing procedures in fewer passes and less time, they will be able to complete other projects.

Ergonomic Machine Controls

BU800 20B Control Panel and HandleUsing large, comfortable palm activation paddles, the operator can easily control the machine. The operator does not have to control the machine using a handlebar, they simply walk behind guiding the machine.

With palm activation, users will experience less fatigue and increased productivity.

Speed Control

For an even shine, the Advance BU800™ is equipped with a speed dial to control the speed of the machine. A consistent speed ensures the floor machine is providing an even shine over each part of the floor.

Machines which require the operator to control the burnisher speed can result in an uneven shine because the operator has the ability to speed up or slow down.

Circuit Breaker

To protect the machine, there is a circuit breaker for the brush and the drive system. When too much power is being drawn, circuit breakers will pop to protect the motor and batteries.

Increased protection of the motor will help preserve the equipment and extend its useful life.

Passive or Active Dust Control

BU800 20B Dust Shroud underside viewEquipped with quality skirting and a dust collection bag, the BU800™ effectively captures dust particles from burnishing procedures.

Enhanced dust control reduces the amount of dust in the air and on surfaces, improving indoor air quality and reducing the need for follow up dust mopping. You will see labor savings when your staff doesn’t need to spend time on additional followup cleaning procedures.

Dust control is especially important for facilities that are trying to achieve LEED certification.

Want to learn more about LEED certification? Check out this article: What is LEED Certification and Why is it Important?

For facilities looking for superior dust control, a vacuum can be added to the machine for active dust control. This is the only burnisher on our list that provides the option of active dust control.

Self-Regulating Pad Pressure

For maximum shine, the BU800™ burnisher uses self-regulating pad technology that allows the floor burnisher to moderate the pad pressure.

The self-adjusting pad pressure ensures that the optimal power is applied to the pad driver to achieve a better, more consistent shine. If too much pressure is applied the burnisher can burn the floor.

Self-regulating pad pressure eliminates the need for the operator to make any changes to the settings, reducing operator error and potential damage to floors.

Self-Lowering Burnishing Deck

The self-lowering burnishing deck further simplifies ease of operation. When the operator activates the palm switches, the burnishing deck lowers to the floor. When the operator releases the switches, it automatically raises preventing possible burns to the floor.

Final Thoughts

Equipped with a powerful motor and double-pivot pad-driver design, the Advance BU800™ will help you achieve the desired shine in a shorter time and with less operator effort than other cord-electric, walk-behind burnishers.

The Advance BU800™ is the most expensive and heaviest of the other walk-behind burnishers on our list but provides time and labor-saving features like dust control, self-regulating pad pressure, and palm activation.

In addition to increased worker productivity, this burnisher will reduce the chance of operator error and floor damage through its self-lowering burnishing deck and circuit breakers.

When considering the price, the above features will help offset the cost of the machine to help provide a shorter payback on the machine.

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. We offer an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your needs.

If you think the Advance BU800™ is a good fit and are interested in calculating the payback on this machine for your business, let an EBP Equipment Specialist help. 

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