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By: Dan Carr on November 15th, 2019

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Advance Advolution™ 20XP Floor Burnisher Review

Floor burnishers can be an important addition to any facility with hard floors, but finding the right one depends on the size, budget, and needs of your business. Selecting the right one for your facility is critical to getting the desired results.

In a previous article, we compared the best commercial floor burnishers of 2021 based on available features and cost. Our list included burnishers ranging from small 20-inch, floor burnishers to large 27-inch ride-on burnishers.

On the list was the Advance Advolution™ 20XP floor burnisher which is a mid-size model. The Advolution™ 20XP is a moderately priced, 20-inch cord-electric floor burnisher equipped with some advanced features. This burnisher is best used in medium facilities where a 20-inch scrubber is used.

Below we will provide an in-depth look at why the Advance Advolution™ 20XP burnisher is one of the best available floor burnishers today.

Advance Advolution™ 20XP Floor Burnisher


Advance Advolution 20XP Floor Burnisher with Dust ControlCord-electric burnishers have limitless run time as long as they are plugged into an outlet, but outlets can be restricting. There are limitations to how long a power-cord can be because of the power it takes to run the motor and spin the floor pad.

Cord-electric machines are good for relativity small areas. For use in larger areas, the cord will need to be moved from outlet to outlet which can be time-consuming and restrictive when outlets are not available.


This is a direct drive floor burnisher with a 1.5 horsepower (hp) motor. 1.5 horsepower motors are the standard size for electric floor burnishers.

Direct Drive

Direct drive motors eliminate belts, bearings, and pulleys which can be noisy and are more prone to slipping. When compared to belt-drive burnishers they typically require less maintenance, extending the life expectancy of the machine.

Direct drive motors sit directly on top of the burnishing pad so that they evenly distribute weight to the floor pad. Evenly balanced weight and pressure will produce a better, more consistent shine on your floors. Your staff will be more productive when they can make fewer passes over the floor.

Pad Speed

This is the fastest cord-electric walk-behind burnisher of those on our list. It operates at 2,000 rotations per minute (rpm).

Higher rpms increase the speed at which you can achieve the desired shine on your floors. Other burnishers that operate at 1,200 or 1,500 rpm may require the operator to walk slower to reach the desired glossiness. Faster rpms will allow your workers to be more productive.

Passive Dust Control and Wrap Around Skirt

Equipped with a felt wrap-around skirt and powerful suction this burnisher can easily control the release of dust into the air. The majority of the dust produced is gathered into the unit’s dual-port dust bag.

Dust control reduces the need for dust mopping after burnishing, increasing worker productivity.

Dust control is also important for facilities that are interested in LEED credits and certification.

Want to learn more about LEED certification? Check out this article: What is LEED Certification and Why is it Important?

Carbon Brush Indicator Light

As the carbon brushes on the motor begin to wear out, a light on the base of the machine will alert the operator that the brushes need to be replaced. A carbon brush helps conduct the electrical current between parts of the motor. Replacing the carbon brushes when necessary will help extend the life of the motor and increase your return on your investment.

Pro Tip: Carbon brushes will need to be replaced by a certified repair technician.

Gas-Spring Handle Technology

Basic burnishers often require the operator to manually regulate the pad pressure on the machine which increases the chance of operator error and burn marks. But the Advolution’s patented gas spring technology precisely regulates the pressure on the floor at all times. The ability to apply a consistent speed and pressure to the floor while following high and low spots allows this burnisher to produce the optimal shine on your floor.

With this machine, your custodial staff doesn't have to manually adjust the pressure on the floor, reducing the chance of operator error and damage to floors. Operators who can properly burnish floors with fewer or no errors can move on to other tasks, boosting productivity.

This simple feature is easy to use and helps reduce the amount of training your janitorial staff will require to properly balance and operate the machine allowing them to burnish floors quickly.

Floor Flex™ Technology

Exclusive to the Advolution, this burnisher is equipped with Floor Flex™ technology. With Floor Flex™, the burnishing head and pad are free to pivot forward and back independent of the machine body to better follow floor contours.

Your staff will be able to easily produce a more consistent shine in fewer passes. Fewer passes mean your staff will complete burnishing procedures more efficiently, allowing them to perform other cleaning tasks.

EZ Store™ Handle

CP-Advolution-20_20XP-handle-folded1When in storage, the Advolution™ 20XP has a burnishing head that folds up into a space-saving position. You won't have to worry about finding the necessary space to store the machine.

Additionally, the EZ Store™ function will prevent the pad from becoming uneven from improper storage. If the burnishing head is not lifted from the floor or the pad is not removed before storage, the floor pad will become depressed and uneven. Uneven floor pads will cause the machine to vibrate and produce an uneven shine on the floor.

Fewer vibrations will also help lower worker fatigue, boosting overall worker productivity.

Rotomolded Polyethylene Body

Rotomolded products are created from rotational molding. Plastic is melted together to form a very strong single-piece object. Rotomolded products have a consistent wall thickness and very strong corners.

Built for lasting and heavy-duty use, the rotomolded polyethylene body can withstand daily use and will not rust or corrode.

Longer-lasting parts will cost you less in repair and maintenance over the burnisher’s useful life.

Final Thoughts

The Advance Advolution™ 20XP is a great option for maintenance professionals of small to medium-sized facilities looking for a moderately priced burnisher.

Equipped with the EZ Store™ handle, dust control, and high pad speed (rpms), your custodial staff will experience increased time savings when compared to other more basic walk-behind floor burnishers. And, your staff will be able to complete cleaning procedures more precisely and with less error and floor damages thanks to the Advoluton’s Floor Flex™ and gas spring technology.

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your floor care program.

If you are ready to invest in the Advolution™ floor burnisher or have a question about this or any other floor burnisher, let an EBP Equipment Specialist help.

Not sure this is the right burnisher for your facility? Learn which burnisher might be better for your business here: Your Guide To The 5 Best Floor Burnishers of 2021

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