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By: Dan Carr on July 2nd, 2020

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Advance® SC3000™ Auto Floor Scrubber Review

Auto floor scrubbers are available in different sizes, models, and cleaning capacities. Selecting the best automatic floor scrubber for your business is essential to streamlining your cleaning procedures. 

To help you select the right autoscrubber for your facility, we shared a list of the best stand on and ride on floor scrubbers of 2021 and that list includes the Advance SC3000™.

What makes the Advance SC3000™ one of the best ride-on automatic floor scrubbers of 2021?

Providing a large cleaning path, two pad pressure settings, and a large solution and recovery tank, the Advance SC3000™ is a powerful autoscrubber. Out of all the floor scrubbers on our list, it provides the longest run time. 

Additionally, this scrubber is available with Ecoflex™. The EcoFlex™ System allows the operator to effortlessly switch between chemical-free and different rates of chemical detergent usage. It also allows the operator to toggle between varying degrees of downward pressure and water flow rate.Below, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the Advance SC3000™ autoscrubber one of the best ride-on floor scrubbers of 2021.

Advance SC3000™ Autoscrubber Specifications and Review


Advance SC3000 Ride On Floor Scrubber

The Advance SC3000™ is a ride-on floor scrubber. 

Ride-on scrubbers provide the most productivity out of all types of scrubbers. They are the largest machines and are most effective in large scale floor cleaning operations such as warehouses and airports.

This scrubber allows the operator to sit on the machine and use finger controls and a steering wheel to maneuver the machine, reducing operator fatigue and boosting worker productivity.

Battery Operated

This Advance floor scrubber is battery powered.  

Battery operated floor scrubbers increase worker productivity by eliminating the need for the operator to move the cord from outlet to outlet to stay in reach of a power source.

On-Board Charger

Equipped with an on-board battery charger, the Advance SC3000™ can be charged at any 120V outlet. 

On-board battery chargers increase convenience and productivity. With an on-board charger, custodial staff can avoid having to bring the machine to a specific charging area or station, boosting productivity.

Pro Tip: When any autoscrubber is plugged into an on-board battery charger, it can not be operated.

Although it is convenient, staff should not charge the battery every time they have the opportunity to. This is otherwise known as “opportunity charging”. You should always charge machine batteries to 100% including cool down time before operating the machine. Opportunity charging will overheat the battery and will shorten the life of the battery.

Large Scrubbing Path

The SC3000™ is equipped with a 26-inch scrub disc, which is one of the largest scrubbing paths on our list

The larger the scrubbing path, the more space an operator can cover. Shorter cleaning times means greater worker productivity and lower labor costs.

Large Solution and Recovery Tanks

This floor scrubber has 21 gallon solution and recovery tanks that provide exceptional cleaning capacities per tank.

The large tanks allow the machine to run for an extended period of time before having to dump and refill, boosting worker productivity.  

The recovery tank is located behind the operator’s seat and has a large opening for easy and quick maintenance. The tank should be cleaned after every use to avoid odors and mold growth.

Long Run Time

This machine has a maximum run time of 3.5 hours. 

3.5 hours is the longest run time on any of the ride on auto scrubbers on our list.

Download your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Auto Floor ScrubbersEcoFlex™ System

Available as an option, this machine can be paired with the EcoFlex ™System. 

The EcoFlex™ System allows the user to better control the scrubber’s water, detergent, and energy usage. 

There are four cleaning modes that can be adjusted in real time to match the exact cleaning power needed for each application for the optimal results at the lowest cost of ownership.

Four popular modes in the EcoFlex™ system include water only, ultra-low detergent, standard detergent, and burst of power. 

1. Water Only 

As denoted by the name, this mode uses only water to clean floors. It eliminates the use of cleaning detergents which can help lower cleaning costs and boost sustainability. This mode is great for low-traffic areas, or areas where there is minimal soil on the surface.

2. Ultra-Low Detergent 

Best utilized for routine cleaning, this mode easily tackles light soils and stains. When in ultra-low detergent mode, water and solution are dispensed separately, so the user can control the detergent flow rate based on the cleaning task they are trying to complete. 

3. Standard Detergent 

To best remove increased soil buildup or stains, standard detergent mode should be used. This mode uses a combination of pad pressure, detergent and water flow.

4. Burst of Power 

The fourth mode available is burst of power. EcoFlex’s burst of power mode increases the machine's pad pressure, detergent, and water flow rate. This is best used to remove deep stains or for restorative cleaning. 

SafetyGlide™ Deck

SC3000 moving deck full Lt

The deck on the Advance SC3000™ automatically shifts to align the rear squeegee with the pad at all times for superior water recovery. 

For increased machine protection the deck also slides inward if it hits an object or wall while cleaning.

It protrudes slightly to the right and ensures the machine can safely reach deep into edges, eliminating the need for labor intensive detail mopping after floor scrubbing.

Safety Feature

Ride-on floor scrubbers, like the Advance SC3000™, are safer and more maneuverable than walk behind floor scrubbers because of the ability to remain on the machine. 

The machine also provides better sight lines so the operator can avoid damage to furniture or fixtures.

Active Stability Control

SC3000 steering wheel

Further improving machine safety, built in speed control features can sense when the machine is moving too quickly along turns, and will automatically slow the machine down to prevent it from tipping over. 

Active stability control also helps protect the machine from damage by reducing the likelihood that the machine falls over.

Multiple Brush Pressures

This scrubber has two brush pressure settings of 65 and 105 lbs. The amount of brush pressure is important for enhanced cleaning results.

Increased pad pressure can help easily tackle harder floors or tough stains, reducing the number of passes your workers have to make. When your custodial staff can complete cleaning procedures with fewer passes, you will save on labor costs.

Pro Tip: It is important to note that increased brush pressure doesn't always mean better results. Brush pressure can damage floors if not used appropriately.

Operating the machine on high pressure will lower the standard run time listed above.

One-Touch™ Scrub Activation

There is a color-coded scrub on/off switch located on the operator handle to activate the scrub system. 

Eliminating the need for multiple procedures enables users to quickly learn how to operate the floor scrubber, reducing the time needed in training.

Simple Controls

The control panel is built into the steering wheel. The panel activates features such as reverse and burst of power mode. 

Also on the panel, there is a graphical display that clearly shows the amount of water left in the tank, the detergent ratio being dispensed, and machine hours.

Quiet Mode

In quiet mode, this machine operates at only 61 dBA. Quiet mode enables the vacuum to operate at a lower power for reduced noise and longer battery run time.  

Standard vacuum mode increases sound level to 65 dBA.  

Quiet mode can be easily activated by a button on the control panel.

Debris Capture

Built into the Advance SC3000, there is a debris tray in the recovery tank that traps and collects large debris to prevent frustrating clogged drain hoses, and other potential damage.

Built In Squeegee Hanger

SC3000 squeegee on hook

Unique to this machine, the squeegee can be removed and hung on the recovery tank for transport and storage. 

Additionally, when stored, this feature allows the recovery tank to remain open to ensure the tank fully dries and eliminates the risk of mold and odor in the tank.

Easy Maintenance

The brush and squeegee on this machine can be removed for cleaning or replacement without the use of any tools. Many other autoscrubbers will require tools to remove the squeegee blades.

Final Thoughts

Great for larger facilities, the Advance SC3000 allows the operator to clean quickly and for long periods of time with its large cleaning path and solution and recovery tanks. 

This ride-on floor scrubber provides operators with increased safety and ease of use by allowing them to control the main machine functions at their fingertips while sitting down. 

In addition to increased productivity, your staff can easily tackle a wide variety of cleaning procedures utilizing the EcoFlex system. As an added benefit, the EcoFlex system can also increase sustainability by allowing your staff to use the appropriate amount of solution and water for the cleaning task at hand. 

EBP has been the leading provider of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment for over 100 years. 

EBP has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. Our team is ready to help you choose the best equipment for your floor care program. 

If you are ready to invest in the Advance SC1500, or have a question about this or any other floor scrubber,  let an EBP Account Executive help. 

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