A Century of Helping You Shine


Since 1918, EBP Supply Solutions has strengthened your ability to go forward – by making your supplies work harder and helping you work smarter.


As EBP heads into a second century of business, the expert thinking, top brands, service and training you depend on are being expanded. A new EBP Training Academy. An expanded ecommerce experience. New innovations from partners in the industry. Go forward, and go further, with EBP expertise.



1918 1918Image.png

Eastern Bag & Paper Founded


The year is 1918. The place, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Samuel Baum purchases the modest Bridgeport Paper Company from his brother. Samuel and his wife Sadye work tirelessly, side by side, selling rolls of craft paper and bags. They name this new company Eastern Bag and Paper. More than just products, the Baums provide responsiveness and flexibility. They build a business model on collaboration with their customers. They lend thoughts on how their partners can grow.

1968 1968Image.png

Founding Member of Network Services


Gerald Baum brought the first national customer (ARAMARK – then known as ARA) to the organization and organized a meeting with heads of large distribution houses nationally to help fulfill the needs of the customer. This union would be the springboard to the formation of Network Services.

1978 1978Image.png

Gerald Baum Named CEO


Samuel and Sadye’s sons, including young Gerald Baum, work at Eastern Bag and Paper after school – becoming part of a committed employee team that helps reinforce and extend the family value system. With this strong work ethic and sense of accountability, Gerald learns the ropes, eventually becoming President
1983 1983Image.png

Louise Baum Named CEO


Upon his passing years later, Gerald’s wife Louise takes over the company. Like previous leadership, she too promotes the concept that relationships matter – and that all employees should be provided ongoing skill development, so they can be empowered to work closely on a customer’s toughest challenges.

1988 1988Image.png

Headquarters Move to Milford, CT


Company expands into a newly-constructed 166,000 sq. ft. office and distribution center in Milford, CT.

1990 1990Image.png

Meredith Reuben Named CEO


In 1990, Gerald and Louise’s daughter, Meredith Reuben, takes the helm. A lawyer by trade – with an entrepreneurial spirit and a visionary mind – Meredith introduces continuous improvement processes, expands product offerings and integrates advanced service technologies.

1992 1992Image.png

Distribution Center Opens in Tewksbury, MA


Eastern Bag & Paper expanded geographic reach by acquiring the Salem Paper Company in Salem, Massachusetts with a subsequent move to a distribution center in Tewksbury, MA.

2002 2002Image.png

Distribution Center Opens in Cranbury, NJ


Eastern Bag & Paper expands into a 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center n Cranbury, NJ.

2004 2004Image.png

Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise


WBENC is the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs.

2006 2006Image.png

Opened Cross-dock Facility in Virginia


To meet customer demand in the Mid-Atlantic region, the company introduces a distribution hub in Northern Virginia designed to streamline manufacturer deliveries, customer fulfillment, and backhaul opportunities. The cross-docking facility is later relocated to Beltsville, Maryland.

2010 2010Image.png

Cranbury, NJ Center Relocated


Eastern Bag & Paper expands into a larger 125,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Cranbury, NJ.

2012 2012Image.png

Eastern Bag & Paper Evolves to EBP Supply Solutions


The company rebrands itself to better articulate the broader services and solutions it offers. The initiative clearly defines three attributes which make EBP so valuable – Expert Thinking, Top Brands and Service & Training.

2017 2017Image.png

The New EBP Training Academy


Dedicated training centers at all EBP locations provide industry-certified training for your cleaning & janitorial teams.


Learn More: EBPsupply.com/Training

2018 2018Image.png

EBP Supply Solutions 100 Year Anniversary


Driven by a philosophy to continually move forward, EBP celebrates its centennial anniversary by expanding its ecommerce shopping experience and by bringing more partner innovations to customers.