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With over a decade of solid sales experience and exceptional results,Matt was the first Sales Representative for EBP Supply Solutions in the New Jersey market in 2003. In 2005 he became Sales Manager and was promoted to Vice President of Sales for the NJ Division in 2008. Under his leadership, EBP Supply Solutions has enjoyed tremendous growth in the market, which resulted in a 125,000 sq. ft. warehouse expansion in Cranbury, NJ.  In 2011 Matt was relocated to the corporate office where he held the position of Vice President of Sales for Milford, CT for three years prior to moving over to the redistribution side of the business as Vice President of Sales, Redistribution in July 2014.  In February 2016, Matt was promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales where he continued to direct the Redistribution Sales Team as well as assumed additional responsibilities overseeing the other four Sales Team Vice Presidents.  Shortly after that in August of 2016, Matt's responsibility of driving the Redistribution Sales Team was delegated out so that he could focus on more strategic sales initiatives that will continue to drive EBP to the future. 


Prior to his career at EBP Supply Solutions, Matt was a member of the sales team for the New York Mets, Corporate Ticket Sales Department. He was also a Sales Representative for 3M in the Commercial Care Division and Construction Home Improvement Markets. Matt is a member of Network’s Young Executive Forum (YEF) and ISSA’s Young Executive Society (YES) where he was appointed to the Coordinators Committee for the past 4 years. 


  Union College - BA


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