Jack Jurkowski

Chief Information Officer





“Our IT capabilities are unparalleled in the distribution industry throughout the northeastern United States.  The deep commitment by our CEO toward continuous investment in new technology, backed by a team of seasoned professionals who provide software development and IT operational services, allows EBP Supply Solutions to fulfill the informational needs of our customers in a very timely manner.”





For over a decade, Jack has been the technical mastermind behind EBP’s

distribution network – the most advanced in the industry. Managing the technical aspects of over 440,000 square feet of dedicated distribution hubs – plus cross docking and a national Network association – ensures you get the products you depend on, dependably.


Jack began his IT career in manufacturing environments in Application Development at Duracell and Branson Ultrasonics. He expanded into the Supervision of IT Systems Management and Operations, for thirteen years at Physicians Health Services and its acquiring entity; HealthNet. 




  Fairfield University – BS

Contact Information:

T   800.972.9622 x3520

E   jjurkowski@EBPsupply.com

S  Contact via LinkedIn    linkedin_icon.jpg