EBP Supply Solutions is the most versatile family-owned distribution partner that provides a broad range of essential supplies & services for progressive commercial organizations throughout the eastern and domestic United States.


cleaning_supplies.jpgProducts, services, support & training for all cleaning-related functions, including:


Equipment: In-service training, preventative maintenance & full-service repair shop


Chemical Systems: Installation, usage & procedures


Laundry: System setup, preventive maintenance & repair


Workloading Program: Square footage assessment & labor optimization


Auditing Program: Facility checklist & multi-use web reporting


Sustainability: Green cleaning products & protocols

foodservice_supplies.jpgProducts, services, support & training for food preparation, presentation and storage including:


Green Products: Recycled, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable & controlled-consumption


Sustainability: Programs, guidelines & standards


Materials: Usage, disposition & alternatives